Gambler rolls snake eyes in cheating conviction

A man who admitted to manipulating the dice during a game of craps at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Lake Tahoe, received a suspended prison sentence on Aug. 30.

Guramarpreet Singh Kang, 40, used the technique called dice sliding, which is a slight of hand that involves sliding at least one dice across the table after positioning the dice in your hand, so the desired number remains up.

“I didn’t know this was an illegal technique,” said Kang. “I had seen that this was a technique used for higher chances of winning, but I wasn’t warned against it and even had people cheering me on, so I’d just like to say I am sorry.”

He was sentenced to a suspended 12-30 months in prison and must pay the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino restitution of $9,450. He was given credit for 19 days time served.

A man who told a deputy there wasn’t anything illegal in his vehicle during a traffic stop admitted to possession of marijuana, a dangerous drug without a prescription and using a handheld device while driving Monday.

According to court documents, Jose Germain Gutierrez, 43, was driving near Buckeye Road where a deputy spotted him using a cell phone while driving. A traffic stop was conducted on Gutierrez, and the deputy observed loose marijuana nuggets and a glass pipe or bong in plain view in Gutierrez’ vehicle.

Based on the observation, the deputy asked to search the vehicle, which Gutierrez said “there wasn’t anything illegal in his vehicle.” During the search, a small cylinder-shaped clear plastic bottle was found containing marijuana and a glass bowl contained numerous white pills identified as hydromorphone hydrochloride which requires a prescription to possess. The loose marijuana totaled to about 2.38 ounces and the plastic bottle contained at least 18.5 ounces of marijuana, according to the sheriff’s report.

Gutierrez was released from Douglas County Jail pending his sentencing on Oct. 10.

A South Lake Tahoe man with a long history of drug convictions told District Court on Monday that he was finally clear-headed after spending 90 days waiting for his sentencing.

According to court documents Parker Henry Eoff, 34, was arrested Nov. 23, 2021, with buprenorphine.

“I have spent the last 90 days reflecting on myself,” said Eoff. “I know with my family’s help I can continue to put one foot in front of the other and change. I’m tired of looking at these walls and I want to prove to the court and myself that I can change.”

Eoff received a suspended 1-4 year prison sentence.

A man being charged with attempting to escape from custody denied the allegation Tuesday.

Cristian Jose Morales, 27, allegedly escaped from containment after violating his probation.

According to court documents, Morales was on probation after an April conviction for possession of a controlled substance. As a condition of probation, Morales was to submit to search by a parole and probation officer anytime with or without a warrant. On July 7, an officer conducting a surveillance on Morales reported to his home and spoke to Morales’ mother who told the deputy that Morales had relapsed and she didn’t know how to help him. According to reports, Morales was located in the garage of the home where he and codefendant, Kirsten King were quickly stuffing a backpack. The backpack was searched and a bottle containing Hydrocodone pills was found along with 0.3 grams of heroin, and 0.3 grams of methamphetamine. Allegedly, after Morales was placed in the back of the patrol vehicle and the officer was searching the home, Morales climbed out of the vehicle window and fled from custody. Highway Patrol searched for him for approximately 10 minutes, according to the police report, before receiving information that Morales had returned home where he was taken back into custody and transported to the Douglas County Jail.

Morales can face up to 1-20 years in prison if he is convicted of the charges against him at his Jan. 5, 2023, trial.

• A Gardnerville man who sold 2.9 ounces of methamphetamine to an undercover officer admitted to sales of a controlled substance Tuesday.

According to court documents, Michael Donald Llewellyn, 26, was contacted in March by the DCSO Street Enforcement Team Investigators, tri-county gang unit Investigators and Tri-Net Narcotic Taskforce detectives during a controlled purchase.

Llewellyn faces up to five years in prison at his Oct. 4 sentencing.

• A woman who reported to the Douglas County Department of Alternative Sentencing and tested positive for Fentanyl is back in custody until sentencing on Oct. 4.

According to court documents, Sara Danielle Jones, 31, was arrested on August 25 after reporting to the Alternative Sentencing department and a sample revealed new use of fentanyl.


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