Failure to appear prompts warrants

Richard Dennis Gomes

Richard Dennis Gomes

Nationwide warrants were issued for people who failed to appear in Douglas County District Court last week.

A South Lake Tahoe man accused of cashing fraudulent checks is the subject of a $25,000 warrant.

Richard Dennis Gomes, 44, didn’t appear for his arraignment on Tuesday.

Gomes and Logan Schwartz, who is in custody awaiting a hearing, allegedly cashed $1,850 in checks at Bally’s Lake Tahoe in March of 2022.

Gomes was arrested on an alternative sentencing violation on Sept. 8 and was given the Oct. 10 court date when he was released. Alternative Sentencing said he stopped contacting them on Oct. 6.

• A $5,000 bench warrant was issued Oct. 9 for Al Thomas Scarcelli Jr., 52, who failed to appear for court.

Scarcelli was arrested in January with co-defendant Kristina Lynette Kibbe, after they walked out of the Walmart Garden center with at least 110 items that valued over $1,000.

Scarcelli is facing up to four years in prison. He was released on his own recognizance in September.

Kibbe, 44, failed to appear on Oct. 2 and a $15,000 warrant was issued for her arrest.

According to court documents, Scarcelli and Kibbe were loading more than $1,000 in booze and other items when Walmart security interrupted them.

Scarcelli is facing a charge of grand larceny.

• A bench warrant in the amount of $15,000 cash only was issued Oct. 9 for Charles Edward Smith.

Smith, 37, was arrested in June for attempted use of a stun gun on a security officer at a Stateline Casino. He was scheduled for sentencing Monday, when he failed to appear.

Smith faces 1-5 years in prison.

• A man who owes $80,000 in child support, who said he would pay a lump sum in child support by March is the subject of a $30,000 nationwide warrant five months later.

Eric John Cook, 50 received a deferred sentence after he entered a guilty plea to felony failure to support a minor child.

In exchange for reducing his monthly payment from $1,850 to $1,350 a month, he said he would make the $30,000 payment. The last payment he made was in May.


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