Survivor seeks for leniency for batterer

Cahner Yews

Cahner Yews

The survivor of a domestic violence dispute pleaded with the court not to send her boyfriend to prison during sentencing Monday.

“We don’t have a perfect relationship, but I don’t think taking away his family or him serving such a long sentence or prison in general is going to fix his stupid drunken actions,” she said.

Cahner Yews, 30, admitted to battery by strangulation in October.

It was reported that Yews left the scene and was later pulled over by the tribal police with a blood alcohol content of .114.

Despite the woman’s plea District Attorney Chelsea Mazza argued that Yews be sentenced to prison.

“He shattered a window in their vehicle, previously blamed the victim for reasons having to do with another man and previous history shows he’s not a good candidate for probation,” said Mazza.

Yews has two prior felony convictions for which he served prison terms and two misdemeanors within the last 10 years involving possession of controlled substances.

“He was revoked from parole and probation and has shown that he cannot abide by conditions,” said Mazza.

Yews was sentenced to 24-60 months in prison which is to run consecutive with a case out of the Justice Court. He was given credit for 44 days.

• One of the women involved in a 100-mph chase on Aug. 20 was sent back to prison Monday.

Tricia Ann-Marie Turria, 30, and co-defendant Nicole Angel Rimer, 43, were arrested above Bodie Flats after a pursuit that led from Esmeralda Avenue in Minden.

At the time, Turria was on parole for a 2018 trafficking conviction.

“I made an impulsive decision because I was scared to go back to prison,” said Turria. “I wish I could go back and change everything. This is not the life I want to continue living.”

Turria was sentenced to 12-36 months for eluding a police officer which is to run at the same time as a 12-30 month sentence for voluntary sexual conduct by a prisoner. Both are to run consecutive with the 2018 case she was paroled for.

Rimer was a passenger during the chase and made a false call to 911 of an armed man at Sharkey’s Casino in an attempt to stop the police from chasing them. She received simultaneous 12-30-month sentences for eluding a police officer and voluntary sexual conduct by a prisoner which were suspended and was she was placed on probation not to exceed 36 months. She was given credit for 60 days.

• Al Thomas Scarcelli was returned to District Court on Monday after failing to appear in October.

Scarcelli was arrested in January with co-defendant Kristina Lynette Kibbe, after they walked out of the Walmart Garden Center with over $1,000 worth of items.

Scarcelli was sentenced to 12-30 months in prison for grand larceny. He was given credit for 113 days.

Kibbe has not been sentenced yet. She failed to appear for court in October and a $15,000 warrant was issued for her arrest.


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