Admitted thief gets probation

Stephanie Lee Baumgardner

Stephanie Lee Baumgardner

A woman who has more than 20 years of theft-related convictions faces up to five years in prison if she fails probations.

Stephanie Lee Baumgardner, 39, was sentenced on Tuesday on charges of counterfeiting, possession of a credit card without the cardholders permission and possession of documents establishing a false identity.

Baumgardner was arrested on May 23 after a traffic stop. She had warrants out of Carson City and is being supervised by Nevada Parole and Probation on that case.

She was arraigned in October where she admitted the charges.

Baumgardner admitted on Tuesday that she was a thief, but said she was doing better.

Attorney Martin Hart said she was doing well on probation after her Carson City conviction, was working two jobs and looking for a third.

• A former Gardnerville woman is scheduled to appear in court on Monday after she was arrested on a $10,000 bench warrant after she admitted to theft of a credit card but failed to appear for sentencing.

Jaclyn Michele Thun, 36, admitted to theft of a credit card in October 2022 but did not appear for her sentencing.

She faces up to four years in prison at her sentencing.

Thun was sent to prison for 19-48 months in fall 2018 after she admitted to taking $728 from an elderly Navy veteran. Nevada Department of Corrections records indicate she was paroled in March 2019.

She has a significant history of thefts with convictions in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

• A man who said he failed to come to court because he was in the hospital as a result of being stabbed, is being held on a fugitive warrant out of Inyo County.

George H. Beatty appeared in Douglas County District Court on Tuesday, where he agreed to pay $50 a month on the $4,000 restitution he owes in connection with a check-kiting scheme.

The Inyo County charges may have something to do with the checks Beatty and others were passing, which claimed to have been written by the Bishop Office of the California Department of Transportation.

Beatty was sent to prison in April 2022 and released after serving the low end of his 19-48 month sentence. He was under orders to return to court to arrange to make payments, but a warrant was issued after he didn’t turn up.

• A man who walked out of the courthouse on the morning of his June 5 sentencing is in custody on a $10,000 warrant.

Shawn Allen German, 44, admitted to two cases involving drug felonies in April but failed to appear for sentencing.

He was returned to Douglas County on Dec. 11 and is scheduled to appear in district court on Monday.

German is facing up to five years in prison in connection with the case.

• A woman accused of walking out of a Walmart with more than $1,000 in merchandise is in Douglas custody after she failed to appear for her Oct. 2 sentencing.

Kristina Lynette Kibbe, 44, is scheduled to appear in Douglas County District Court on Monday.

Kibbe and Al Thomas Scarcelli, 52, were arrested in January.

Scarcelli was sentenced to 12-30 months in prison on Dec. 4 and is serving his term in prison.


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