Warrant issued for man who promised to pay $167,264 in back child support

A Californian who said he would return to court with $167,264 in child support he owes is the subject of a warrant after he failed to appear last week.

Rory Dean Walker, 46, admitted to failing to support a minor child.

He appeared in court on May 2 with documents from a trust that would cover his arrearages. 

Walker told the judge that three weeks would be sufficient to convert the documents into cash.

The charge carries a prison sentence and Walker would still owe the money when he got out of custody.

He was scheduled to be sentenced for failure to support a minor child, which is a felony. A no bail warrant was issued for his arrest on May 23.

• A Carson City man scheduled to be sentenced for possession of a stolen vehicle is the subject of a no-bail warrant after he failed to come to court.

Attorney Matthew Ence said he got a message from Damian Ray Halvorson that he had a blown head gasket and wouldn’t be in court on May 23.

He also didn’t participate in the interview for the pre-sentence investigation conducted by parole and probation.

District Judge Tod Young issued a warrant for Halvorson’s arrest. He admitted he took a GMC Suburban on June 16, 2021.

In exchange for his plea, prosecutors wouldn’t oppose probation, though that may not be true when he returns.

He faces up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine at sentencing.

• A former Sparks man who was sentenced to prison for possession of a stolen vehicle and a controlled substance after he failed to participate in drug treatment still owes most of the restitution he agreed to pay.

Kyle Earl Dean, 40, still owes $4,087 after he was released from prison in August 2021.

Attorney Nadine Morton said she wasn’t able to contact him. He was ordered to return to court after his release to arrange to make payments.

• A woman, who admitted to possession of heroin, will be permitted to participate in a diversion program.

Jillian Paige Truesdell, 28, was arrested Jan. 30, 2023, and admitted the drug felony.

If she is successful in her drug treatment program, the felony will be dismissed, and her record sealed.


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