Felon sent to prison for sawed-off shotgun


A man with nine felony convictions was sentenced Tuesday to 2-5 years in prison after he admitted to having a sawed-off shotgun.

Jason Darel George, 36, has already served a prison term for being an ex-felon in possession with a firearm.

George was arrested June 6 with the firearm, which had a serial number obscured by some substance.

As part of a plea agreement, prosecutors dismissed a stolen motor vehicle charge against George stemming from an April 18 arrest.

“I’m not ready to spend my life in prison,” George said.

“I hope this is rock bottom for you,” District Judge Tod Young said. “Because you should stop digging.”

The shotgun was forfeited.

• A Dayton woman admitted selling drugs to a man who overdosed not long after the transaction.

Brittany Dawn Miller, 25, pleaded guilty on Monday to two counts of possession of a controlled substance for sale.

Each count carries a prison term of 1-5 years, which means Miller faces a maximum sentence of 2-10 years and a $20,000 fine.

She was arrested after the Dec. 19, 2020, death of Jason Kaspian.

According to court documents, Miller sold two vials of methadone to Kaspian, an Indian Hills resident.

When investigators served a search warrant on her home on

Miller is eligible for probation at her sentencing scheduled for Oct. 4.

• A woman who was ordered to participate in drug court after her child got into her methamphetamine will spend the rest of her probation on house arrest.

Emily Elizabeth Rogers, 26, graduated from drug court, but committed several probation violations, including using intoxicants.

She admitted to a gross misdemeanor charge of child neglect and received a suspended 364-day jail sentence.

• A Reno woman accused of burglary and child concealment that occurred in Gardnerville last year, could see her sentence deferred or imposed when she returns to court on Oct. 4.

Maria Alejandra Zermeno-Barajas, 23, admitted to using methamphetamine five days before showing up in District Court on Monday.

Zermeno Barajas was arrested May 30, 2020, after an altercation at a Village Way apartment.

• Warrants were issued for three people who did not appear in Douglas County District Court this week.

Tarah Marguerite Cartwright, 52, was arrested in Carson City on Sunday and being held on a probation violation. Cartwright was scheduled to be sentenced on Monday on a count of possession of a controlled substance.

Lisa Marie Garrison, 51, and Raymond Garrison, 45, were both due in court this week for sentencing. The couple were arrested in February 2018 and left for Oregon. A background check after they returned to Gardnerville last summer resulted in their re-arrest.

In all three cases, probation was recommended.

• A 43-year-old man admitted Monday to felony possession of methamphetamine.

Eriberto Berber Martinez was granted diversion while he attends Western Nevada Regional Drug Court.

He was arrested March 12.

A man who prompted a brief lockdown of Carson Valley Plaza after he walked into a shoe store with a knife on June 16 was also granted deferral to attend drug court.

Bradley Scott Bogle will get to participate in the program that will allow him to avoid a felony conviction if he’s successful.

Both he and Martinez were released on their own recognizance.

• Douglas County’s district judges had a message for Parole and Probation this week after a few more people showed up in court for dishonorable discharges after their probation expired.

Izaac Holmes, 23, was ordered to pay fees as part of his probation for attempted possession of a stolen firearm.

“Despite maintaining full-time employment, he didn’t pay a single dollar in fines and fees,” Prosecutor Erik Levin said.

The issue is that parole and probation isn’t alerting the county that a probationer’s term is expiring before submitting a request for a dishonorable discharge.

Once a person’s probation expires, state law requires a judge to grant the dishonorable discharge without ever seeing the money.

District Judge Tod Young said he would hold the department in contempt if they continue sending in the requests for dishonorable discharges after people’s probation expires without their having paid what they owe.

• A man who was convicted of failing to register as an ex-felon was ordered to serve 90 days in jail as a sanction.

William Allan Pinkelman has been in custody since he was arrested on a parole violation on Aug. 12.

This was the second time Pinkelman has been before the court in three months on a violation of his probation.

In June, Pinkelman was ordered into inpatient treatment, but his attorney said that with his record, no program would accept him.

Once he completes the full 90 days, he will receive a dishonorable discharge.

• An Oregon man faces up to five years in prison after he admitted to possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

Daniel Louis Hutchens Jr., 39, admitted he had a Saturn that was reported stolen out of Klamath Falls.

He is scheduled to be sentenced on Oct. 12.


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