Woman ordered to drug treatment

Bobbi Mortimer

Bobbi Mortimer

A woman with a history of forging checks received two suspended 19-48-month prison sentences and was ordered to pay nearly $4,900 in restitution.

Bobbi Mortimer, 39, has been in custody since Jan. 9 and admitted to a felony charge of theft in connection with bad checks written Dec. 21, 2022.

Mortimer was supposed to be participating in Western Nevada Regional Drug Court as part of a diversion granted on Nov. 1. That was revoked on Tuesday.

“I made the check myself and gave it to my sister to cash,” she said on Tuesday.

Her attorney said Mortimer requires a regimented program to stay sober.

Prosecutor Brittany Towne agreed to probation if Mortimer was in a strenuous treatment program.

“This will be the first time I do a serious drug rehab program,” Mortimer said.

She received the same sentence for both the check and the possession of a controlled substance charges and will serve them simultaneously if she fails the program.

“You’re almost 40 and every day you had a chance,” District Judge Tod Young said. “It’s not about someone doing something for you. You need to stop being a thief. You don’t get to go through life stealing from people.”

• A man was granted diversion for a third instance of driving under the influence.

Cesar Crispin, 53, appeared in Douglas County District Court where he pleaded guilty to felony DUI after his Dec. 12, 2022, arrest.

He had previous DUI arrests in 2018 and 2020. In Nevada a third DUI in seven years and carries a mandatory prison sentence. Offenders can participate in a specialty court that saves them from a felony conviction and allows them to admit to a misdemeanor. However, any subsequent DUI is treated as a felony with a potential 2-15-year prison sentence and a mandatory minimum fine of $2,000.

As part of his diversion, he must do six months of house arrest.

Crispin admitted he was behind the wheel of a running vehicle behind Nevada Ugly.

Deputies obtained a warrant to conduct a blood draw.

• A man who owes $167,264 in child support was given three weeks to come back to court with a check after he said he could pay the amount in full.

Rory Dean Walker appeared in Douglas County District Court on a charge of failure to support a minor child.

He was scheduled to be sentenced, but District Judge Tod Young said that if he could get the victim a check, he was willing to try to do that.

Should he fail to bring the money, Walker could face prison. time.


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