Woman earns prison in car theft

A woman, who reportedly wrote she would stop stealing cars in her diary nearly 20 years ago, was sentenced to 12-30 months in prison on Monday for attempted possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

Alyson Mae O’Hara, 47, borrowed an Isuzu Axiom from a Washington resi-dent to go to the store in July 2021 and never brought it back. The vehicle was recovered in Minden on Sept. 23, 2021, and the driver was arrested.

O’Hara, a passenger, was initially released after confusion over the vehicle’s status, but a subsequent warrant resulted in her arrest and return to Douglas. It would not be the last time a warrant would be required to bring her back to Nevada.

O’Hara admitted to possession of the vehicle in March 2022 where she was told it was up to the judge whether she would be sentenced as a gross mis-demeanor or felony. She absconded and a warrant was issued when she didn’t appear in court for sentencing until she was brought back just before Christmas.

“I released you on your own recognizance, despite the state being opposed to it at the time, you knew what would happen fair and well if you were brought back here,” said District Judge Thomas Gregory. “If you didn’t have an excessive offense history this would be treated differently.”

According to court documents, O’Hara has at least 12 other felony convic-tions.

A news story appearing July 3, 2003, in the Seattle Times reported that po-lice found a diary in which O’Hara wrote she would stop stealing cars.

She was given 103 days credit for time she’s already spent in custody.

• A man who attempted to use a credit card belonging to someone else re-ceived a suspended three-year prison sentence Monday.

Adam Lee Kiolbasa, 35, was originally arrested in July 2021 after entering the CVS pharmacy at Stateline with the attempt of grand larceny with a credit card that belonged to someone else. According to court documents, sometime between the original arrest and his court date, he obtained an identity theft offense in El Dorado County and was sentenced to prison in California. He was extradited to Douglas from Kern County in October where he is serving his sentence.

Kiolbasa was sentenced to a suspended 12-36 months in prison, which will run consecutive to the Eldorado County case. Now that he has been sen-tenced, he will be returned to prison, according to jail records.


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