Snow results in cancellation of flood advisory

The Carson River is up to its banks just upstream of Genoa Lane at around 10 a.m. Saturday as snow starts to fall.

The Carson River is up to its banks just upstream of Genoa Lane at around 10 a.m. Saturday as snow starts to fall.

A flood advisory for Carson Valley was canceled early after forecast rain turned entirely to snow. 

"The heavy rain has turned over to snow," forecasters said at 5:20 p.m. "Flooding is no longer expected to pose a threat. Please continue to heed remaining road closures."

A Fish Springs resident reported 17 inches of snow while Minden received 15-16 inches in the county seat, containing 7 inches of water.

The East Fork of the Carson River crested entering Carson Valley at 10:45 a.m. hitting 14.58 feet, but dropped to 13.76 feet by 1:45 p.m., according to the National Weather Service.


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With the early arrival of snow, flooding may begin to subside this morning across East Fork Township.

In a 9:30 a.m. update, National Weather Service Reno forecasters observed that snow levels were plummeting across Western Nevada.

“We could see heavy snowfall here across western Nevada, from northern Washoe County, into the Greater Reno-Carson-Minden Area, and the Basin and Range,” Meteorologist Dawn Johnston said. “Snowfall amounts could vary greatly depending on where the heavier snowbands set up. Valleys may see 3-8-plus inches of snow accumulation with patchy ice this evening. Higher snowfall amounts look to occur above 5000 feet, with 8-plus inches likely.”

A winter weather advisory joins the flood advisory with snow accumulations of 2-4 inches predicted for Minden.

Heavy rain and runoff closed Centerville Lane at around 7:30 a.m.

Douglas County Traffic Engineer Jon Erb said a vehicle ended up in a ditch where 4 inches of water was crossing the highway.

“It’s been a busy morning,” he said by the side of Mottsville Lane as he was monitoring the county’s roads.

The Carson River was up to its banks where it crosses Genoa Lane.

Just upstream, in Alpine County rain started to turn to snow near River Ranch Road even as Highway 395 was closed at Double Spring Flat.

The arrival of snow could slow down river flooding, with the gauge on the East Fork where it enters Carson Valley already showing a slight subsidence.

By 10:20 a.m. heavy snow was falling in Genoa.


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