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Tiger football honored with all-region selections

Douglas High’s Gabe Foster (13) puts his hands up in celebration after scoring a touchdown against Carson High this fall. Foster earned a first team all-region selection at linebacker and second team nod at running back along with several other Tiger players.

Douglas High’s Gabe Foster (13) puts his hands up in celebration after scoring a touchdown against Carson High this fall. Foster earned a first team all-region selection at linebacker and second team nod at running back along with several other Tiger players.
Photo by Ron Harpin.

 Douglas High School had numerous football players earn all-region honors for their play on the field this season.
Leading the way for the Tigers was center Ben Hirt.
Hirt received praise from his head coach Kyle Mays all season long and caps his Douglas High football career with a first team all-region nod as a senior.
Fellow senior Gabe Foster was rewarded with a first team all-region selection at linebacker, following the fall campaign. It marks Foster’s second straight season as a first team all-region linebacker.
Foster maintained his reputation as one of the best linebackers in Northern Class 5A and backed it up with 73 tackles from his position.
The senior also picked up a second team nod for his bruising style at running back where Foster garnered 488 yards rushing and two touchdowns.
Hunter Ulmer also was honored with a second team all-region selection on offense and defense at tackle.
The outgoing senior was a second team all-league selection last spring in the final year of the Sierra League in Northern 5A football.
Jacob Brady and Trevor Middaugh round out Douglas’ second team all-region picks.
Brady, a senior lineman, recorded seven tackles at defensive end, along with a sack and a forced fumble. The senior also earned an honorable mention all-region selection at guard.
Middaugh, who earned his honor at specialist, recorded 27 tackles as a defensive back this season. The senior tallied an interception and a receiving touchdown this season for the Tigers.
Anthony Menzer (athlete) and Kaleb Valdez (kicker) were both awarded honorable mention nods on the offensive side of the ball for Douglas while Cole Smalley, Hector Mata-Sanchez, Gavis Ross, Camden Altringer and Joseph Kramer each were named all-region honorable mentions on defense.
Smalley was second the team in tackles with 64 while Ross was third with 38.
Menzer ran for 192 yards on the ground and hauled in another 65 yards on receiving plays for Douglas.
Kramer and Altringer each recorded an interception for the Tigers.

Class 5A North All-region selections
Co-Offensive Player of the Year – Ashton Hayes, McQueen; Armaan Bajwa, Reed.
Lineman of the Year – Sioape Vatakani, Bishop Manogue
Defensive player of the year – Ben Heaton, Carson
Region player of the year – Robby Snelling, McQueen
Coach of the Year – Jim Snelling, McQueen
First team offense
QB – Armaan Bajwa, Reed; QB – Logan Howren, Bishop Manogue; RB – Ashton Hayes, McQueen; RB – Mason Reasoner, Damonte Ranch; RB – Niko Amari, Reno; WR – Marshaun Brown, Bishop Manogue; WR – CJ Stinson, Spanish Springs; WR – Drew Vargas, Damonte Ranch; WR – Adam McDonald, Reed; TE – Trace Patterson, Spanish Springs; TE – Malcolm McClure, Bishop Manogue; OG – Carson Darby, Reno; OG – EJ Luki, Spanish Springs; OG – Illex Garcia, Damonte Ranch; OG – Joey Moler, Reed; OT – Sioape Vatakani, Bishop Manogue; OT – Aidan Flores, Reed; OT – Ben Larsen, Damonte Ranch; OT – Shawn Klinger, McQueen; OT – Matt Oullette, Reno; OC – Garrett Cooper, McQueen; OC – Ben Hirt, Douglas; ATH – Cade Rodahaffer, Damonte Ranch; K – James Bass, Spanish Springs; K – Isaac Avina, Carson

First team defense
DE – Tanner Barnard, Reno; DE – Trace Patterson, SpSp; DE – Zane Ferguson, Carson; DE – Salesi Manu, Bishop Manogue; DE – Cade Rodahaffer, DR; DT – Matty Lopez, Reed; DT – Carson Darby, Reno; DT – Aiden Hall, SpSp; DT – Siaope Vatikani, BM; DT – Braelen Toles, DR; LB – Ben Heaton, Carson; LB – Jake Penney, SpSp; LB – Robby Snelling, McQueen; LB – Gabe Foster, Douglas; LB – Malcolm McClure, BM; LB – Michael Venezia, DR; DB – Elijah Acklin, Reed; DB – Donoven Dericco, BM; DB – Isaac Avina, Carson; DB – Tre LaGrone, McQ; DB – JT Hawk, Reno; DB – Christian Iacoboni, DR; DB – Ray Lawrence, BM; Specialist – Dom Marconato, BM; Specialist – Noah Lacey, SpSp; Specialist – Tre LaGrone, McQ.

Second team offense
QB – JJ Dain, Spanish Springs; QB – Robby Snelling, McQueen; RB – Gabe Foster, Douglas; Spencer Firebaugh, Reed; RB – Joe Hill, Bishop Manogue; WR – Malachi Thomas, Spanish Springs; WR – Carl LaGrone III, McQueen; WR – Elijah Acklin, Reed; WR – Ashton Pearson; TE – Brett McVeigh, Reno; TE – Mack Chambers, Carson; OG – Salvador Mora-Rodriguez, Carson; OG – Alex Riggio, McQueen; OG – Jay Collier, Spanish Springs; OG – Derek Watson, Damonte Ranch; OT – Luke Martindale, McQueen; OT – Elias Justice, Spanish Springs; OT – Diego Aldana, Carson; OT – Hunter Ulmer, Douglas; OC – Austin Adams, Damonte Ranch; OC – Cougar Deen, Spanish Springs; ATH – Jake Penney, Spanish Springs; K – James Bass, Spanish Springs; K – Colton Sellers, Reno.

Second team defense
DE – Jacob Brady, Douglas; DE – Aidan Flores, Reed; DE – Gavynn Ostrander, SpSp; DE – Caden Dimond, McQ; DE – Jireh Moe, Reed; DT – Matt Ouellette, Reno; DT – Marrio Williams, BM; DT – Tyler Miller, Galena; DT – Roman Perini, McQ; DT – Hunter Ulmer, Douglas; LB – Marco Casci, SpSp; LB – Ryan Rutherford, BM; :B – Colton Sellers, Reno; LB – Anthony Miller, Galena; LB – Brock Jolley, McQ; LB – Ioane Tuia, Carson; LB – Nathan Meredith, DR; Specialist – Caden Kelley, SpSp; Specialist – Trevor Middaugh, Douglas; Specialist – Chris Negrete, Reed.

Honorable mention offense
QB – Vinny Ferretti, Carson; QB – Cooper Anderson, Damonte Ranch; QB – Ben Primka, Galena; RB – Cameron Rodriguez, Damonte Ranch; RB – Jake Campbell, Carson; RB – Deo Richson, McQueen; RB – Damian Mercado, Spanish Springs; WR – Dom Marconato, Bishop Manogue; WR – Maurice Coleman, Damonte Ranch; WR – Nate Penney, Spanish Springs; WR – Parker Story, Carson; WR – Hayden Karam, Damonte Ranch; WR – Christo Viloria, Bishop Manogue; WR – Andrew Dutton, Reno; WR – Kit Kuhns, Galena; WR – Liam Reed, McQueen; TE – Alex Rodahaffer, Damonte Ranch; WR – Jadyn LaGrone, McQueen; OG – Justin Rickett, McQueen; OG – Jacob Brady, Douglas; OG – Cal Faulstich, Bishop Manogue; OG – Alex Enard, Bishop Manogue; OT – Dario Lopez, Reed; OT – Theo Taus, Reno; OT – Tyler Miller, Galena; OT – Jordan Francisco, Damonte Ranch; OC – Franco Munoz, Carson; OC – Miah Vaka, Bishop Manogue; ATH – Anthony Menzer, Douglas; ATH – Tyler Clark, Damonte Ranch; K – Joe Brown, Damonte Ranch; K – Kaleb Valdez, Douglas; P – Jayse Benedict, Bishop Manogue; P – Cooper Anderson, Damonte Ranch.

Honorable mention defense
DE – Connor Kimmel, DR; DE – Jeremiah Johnson, SpSp; DE – Noa Tuia, Carson; DE – Kyle Koontz, Douglas; Maclain McBride, Galena; DT – Rafael Salgado, SpSp; DT – Jared Cuenca, SpSp; DT – Hector Mata-Sanchez, Douglas; DT – Sam Richetta, Carson; LB – Cole Smalley, Douglas; LB – Jonathon Lord, McQ; LB – Kaelen Crawford, BM; LB – Champ Notyce, Reno; LB – Joe Brown, DR; LB – Mason Reasoner, DR; LB – Anthony Comba, Reed; LB – Kaden Harter, Reno; LB – Gavis Ross, Douglas; LB – Wesley Dunkin, Carson; LB – Caydin Webb, SpSp; LB – Julian Klein, Reed; DB – Zak Major, Reno; DB – Landen Keller, Reno; DB – Jett Norman, DR; DB – Drew Vargas, DR; DB – Javi Arellano, Carson; DB – Kaleb McClendon, McQ; DB – DC Quintana, Carson; DB – Camden Altringer, Douglas; DB – Mitch Gilbert, BM; DB – Jadyn LaGrone, McQ; DB – Joseph Kramer, Douglas.


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