Sertoma, Kelley are slated

The best high school athletes in Northern Nevada will be featured next week in all-star football and baseball games.

The best senior football players from last season will be featured in the annual Sertoma All-Star Game to be held at 7:30 p.m. Friday, June 17 at Mackay Stadium. The best sophomore and junior players from this past season will be featured in the eighth annual Kelley Baseball Showcase to be held at 6:15 p.m. Monday, June 13 at Reno High.

For the second straight year a "draft" was held to divide the squads playing in the Sertoma game into Blue and Silver teams. Reed High's Ernie Howren is coaching the Blue while Fallon's Ray Holliday is coaching the Silver.

The two coaches drafted the schools that they wanted on their teams. The game looks to be evenly matched as players from the top four Northern 4A schools from last year have been evenly matched. Players from Reed and Hug will be featured on the Blue while players from McQueen and Douglas will be featured on the Silver.

Carson's Kyle Bacon and Matt Moore will also play for the Silver. Keenan Copp, Spike Agosta, Bryan Brady, Tim Senger, Tyson Estes and Datin Whatcott will all represent Douglas for the Silver.

Players from Galena and Dayton will also play for the Silver. Dayton will have three players in Danny Hopper, Zane Walker and Kevin May. Galena will be represented by Tyler Ewald and Chase Houston.

Players from Lyon County schools Fernley and Yerington will be featured on the Blue. Fernley's Bobby McDougal and Yerington's Josh Inserra and Bobby Sanchez are on the Blue roster.

Among the top players scheduled to be featured in the game is Fallon's Josh Mauga, who has signed to play for the University of Nevada.


The all-star baseball game has been expanded to include the top sophomores from this past season as well as the top juniors. The Sierra League will face the High Desert League in the contest.

Carson has four players in the Sierra League roster in Brooks Greenlee, Logan Parsley, Kevin Schlange while Douglas has three players in Roman Davis, Phil Mannelly and D.J. Brady. Douglas High's John Glover will coach the Sierra League team.

Galena will have three players on the High Desert team in Erica Maupin, Tony Thompson and Jordan Arnold. Galena's Gary McNamara will coach the High Desert team as well.

Admission is $5 for aduts, $3 for senior citizens and students and free for 12 and under.


Blue - A.J. Flock, Reed, TE/DT; Spencer Dean, South Tahoe, WR; Randy Jansen, North Tahoe, LB/FB; Tom Wholey, North Valleys, WR/DB; Jim Bailey, Spring Creek, FS; Dexter Rackley, Hug, DB/RB; Josh Inserra, Yerington, FS/RB/WR; Zack May, Reed, QB/DB; Andrew Reed, Lowry, RB; Matt Bobman, South Tahoe, K/P; Mikey Van Gordon, South Tahoe, QB.

Cody McDougal, Fernley, RB; Julio Terrazas, North Tahoe, SS/RB; Gavin Lofstedt, North Tahoe, CB/QB; Jeff Young, Whittell, QB/K/P/WR/CB; Ryan Lammle, Reed, RB/LB; Charlie Barone, Reed, DB; Michael Bartelheim, Spanish Springs, DB; Kenny Viser, Manogue, RB; Cody Gerhard, Lowry, LB/RB; Zeke Bowen, Hug, LB/G.

Joe Pugh, Manogue, TE; Kyle Fleming, Reed, TE/DE; Burrell Wood, Hawthorne, DL; Brian Fusco, Reed, DL/LB; Jake Mahan, Reno, LB; Alan Crosswhite, Manogue, C; Jacob Sorensen, Lowry, OL/LB; Thomas Gallegos, Hawthorne, LB; Steven Kirk, North Tahoe, DE/OT; Nick Garratt, South Tahoe, G/LB.

Will Ellis, Reed, OL/DL; Bobby Sanchez, Yerington, OL/DL; Chris Vaughan, White Pine, OL; Darryl Ray, Spanish Springs, DL; Richie Clark, Reno, DE; Kirstopher Torrise, Spring Creek, DL/DE; John Wallis, North Tahoe, OG/DT; Nick Wooley, Spanish Springs, OL; Isaac Porter, Hug, RB/DB; Julian Aquino, Hug, C; Randy Perkins, Spanish Springs, TE/DB; Joe Tutson, Manogue, WR; Daniel Presley, Manogue, DE.

Silver - Ben Tirado, McQueen, LB/TE; Jacoby Covington, McQueen, RB/SS; Keenan Copp, Douglas, LB/FB; Randon Nunez, Truckee, S; Tim Brooks, Lovelock, QB; Kyle Bacon, Carson, QB; Franklin Reeves, Battle Mountain, TE/SS; Tyler Ewald, Galena, K/P; Paul Tierney, Truckee, QB; Nick Nistler, McQueen, QB/FS; Danny Hopper, Dayton, DE/TE; Zane Walker, Dayton, R.

Roman Schomberg, Wooster, DB/WR; Christian Spaulding, Incline, QB; Bryan Brady, Douglas, S; Daniel Jacinto Ballou, Truckee, LB; Spike Agosta, Douglas, RB/K; Devin Sonnenberg, Lincoln County, RB/LB; Dominick Robertson, Elko, RB/DB; Jamie Maehler, Truckee, R/P; Adam Roa, Wooster, LB/TE; Josh Mauga, Fallon, LB/RB.

Kevin May, Dayton, DE; Grant Henderson, McQueen, LB/FB; Tyler Simpson, Fallon, RB/LB; Pete Loeschner, Incline, LB; Tim Senger, Douglas, DB; Steven Oscar, McQueen, DL/OG; Tyson Estes, Douglas, DT/OT; Paul Malay, Lovelock, OL; Chase Houston, Galena, RB/DE; Nathan Wrenn, Truckee, SS/LB.

Datin Whatcott, Douglas, C/DT; Zack Mills, Fallon, T/DT; Logan Hunt, Truckee, C; Aaraon Sieczkowski, Fallon, G/DT; Daniel Davis, Lincoln County, OL/DL; Louden Sharp, Elko, OL/DL; Michael Higgins, Elko, OL/DL; Kendal Burton, Truckee, OT; Mark Clemons, McQueen, OT; Matt Moore, Carson, WR/DB; Sean Sweeten, Sparks, WR/S; Tommy Kokenge, Truckee, DT; Mitch Solano, McQueen, DE/OL.


Sierra League: Pitchers - Chad Croxon, Justin Cutler, North Valleys; Randy Lagorio, Hug; Garrett Luippold, Reno; J.J. Mulligan, Reno. Catchers - Roman Davis, Douglas; Brooks Greenlee, Carson; Chad Mitchell, Damonte Ranch. Infield - Davis Banks, Reno; Alex Gardner, Reno; Phil Mannelly, Douglas; Jason McNeil, Wooster; Logan Parsley, Carson; Kevin Schlange, Carson. Outfield - D.J. Brady, Douglas; Royal Good, Carson; John Rice, Reno.

High Desert League: Pitchers - Mickey Jannis, Spanish Springs; Eric Maupin, Galena; Jimmy Reed, Reed; Kyle Smit, Spanish Springs; Tony Thompson, Galena. Catchers - Kade Anderson, Elko; J.D. Judd, Spring Creek; Dominic Quilici, Manogue. Infield - Brian Barnett, McQueen; Andrew Lujan, Manogue, Matt Moerdick, Reed; Travis Reynolds, McQueen; Javier Robles, Elko. Outfield - Jordan Arnold, Galena; Ryan Laing, Spanish Springs; Justin Surina, McQueen.


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