Quarterback: Matt Denn (Reed). RB: Jorden Carter (Reed), Colby Brown (Carson), Cole Eddy (Reno). WR: Grayson Young (Reed), Elijah Sapico (Damonte), Zack Teats (Bishop Manogue). TE: Parker Houston (Reed). C: Ian Neeley (Reed). G: Cody Carr (Reed), Phillip Shepard (Hug), Andrew Jensen (Douglas). T: Cody DeHaan, Justin Anukum (Spanish Springs. K: Danny Jiminez (Reno). P: Jake Ward (Spanish Springs).


DE: Brady Rivera (Carson) and Ricky Thomas (McQueen). DT: Nick Gregg (Reed) and Alden Giang (Reed). LB: Nolan Shine (Carson), Kaleb Foster (Douglas), Ian Cartlidge (Reno), Roosevelt Calhoun (Hug). DB: Juwan Easley (Damonte), Trey Williams (Hug), Kyle Draeger (McQueen), Asa Carter (Carson)

Player of the Year: Calhoun (Hug), Offensive Player of the Year: Denn (Reed), Defensive Player of the Year: Gregg (Reed); Lineman of the Year: Jensen (Douglas). Coach of the Year: Carl Lagrone Jr. (Hug).



First team

QB: Drake Vestbie (Damonte). RB: Cale Kynett (Douglas), Colby Brown (Carson), Sam Banghart (Damonte Ranch); WR: Dilyn Rooker (Carson), Elijah Sapico (Damonte), Zack Teats (Manogue). TE: Jake Galvez (Manogue). C: Johnny Gonzalez (Douglas). G: Kevin Rusler (Carson) and Andrew Jensen (Douglas). T: Junior Pousima (Galena), Josue Orozco (Carson), Jonah Hyde (Damonte). K: Ian Devalliere (Manogue). P: Nick Abreu (Douglas)


QB: Connor Noland (Manogue). RB: Elijah Fajayan (Carson), Asa Carter (Carson), Nick Abreu (Douglas). WR: Alex Vankey (Galena), Tomas Leitenbauer (Douglas), Ausin Price (Damonte). TE: Ian Schulz (Carson). C: Matt Weiland (Galena). G: Maurilio Olivares (Carson), Jacob Covert (Damonte), Casey Trosclair (Manogue). T: Eddie Duarte (Carson) and Adonis Williams (Damonte). K: Adrian Gonzalez (Douglas). P: Quintin Mills (Galena), Austin Price (Damonte), Web Charles (Manogue).


QB: Joe Nelson (Carson), WR: Quintin Mills (Galena) and Jared Blake (Damonte). T: Cameron Sandeval (Damonte). G: Jesse Knorzer (Damonte) and Ian Pieller (Douglas). RB: Grant Hooks (Galena) and Mitch Hawkyard (Galena).



DE: Nathan Edwards (Galena) and Brady Rivera (Carson). DT: Cameron Radtke (Carson) and Andrew Jensen (Douglas). LB: Ikela Lewis (Carson), Nolan Shine (Carson), JakeGalvez (Manogue), Kaleb Foster (Douglas). DB: Asa Carter (Carson), Travis Bohall (Galena), Dilyn Rooker (Carson), Juwan Easley (Damonte). RETURN: Nick Abreu (Douglas).


DE: Josh Jensen (Douglas) and Hayden Hughes (Manogue). DT: Casey Trosclair (Manogue), Jesse Medina (Carson) and Casey Trosclair (Manogue). LB: Robby Garlock (Damonte), Nathan King (Galena), Gerardo Lobato (Carson) and Reagan Roberson (Douglas). DB: Tanner Koch (Manogue), Austin Price (Damonte), Nick Abreu (Douglas) and Quintin Mills (Galena). RET: Austin Price (Galena).


DB: Sam Melhns (Douglas) and Max McReynolds (Manogue). LB: Pearson Lawrence (Damonte), Jakob Saffle (Damnte), Mitch Reid (Galena), Sonny Robison (Galena). DT: Zach Singer (Douglas) and Peyton Noland (Manogue)

Player of the Year: Asa Carter (Carson). Co-Offensive Player of the Year: Colby Brown (Carson) and Sam Banghart (Damonte). Defensive Player of the Year: Nolan Shine (Carson). Lineman of the Year: Andrew Jensen (Douglas). Coach of the Year: Blair Roman (Carson).


Northern Division I

First team

Girls Singles: McKenna Levitt ·Reno) and Madelyn Landerfelt (Douglas)

Boys Singles: Christian Webber (Bishop Manogue) and Ian Rinehart (Reno)

Girls doubles: Gina Gloovac-Cheyenne Schula (Reno) and Jessica Cohen and Rachel Warner (Galena)

Boys doubles: Mahesh Challapalli-Dominic Aramini (Reno) and Riley Boyden-Nick Rinehart (Reno)

Second team

Girls Singles: Mta Zagar (Damonte) and Preeta Amin (Carson)

Boys Singles: Joseph Berry (Bishop Manogue) and Ryan Raymond (Spanish Springs)

Girls Doubles: Ingrid Carlson-Tara Cottrill (Douglas) and M.Higley-K. Earl (McQueen)

Boys Doubles: Eric Gill-Theodor Wong (Wooster) and Sam Bauserman-Glen Gansert (Bishop Manogue).

Honorable mention (Carson and Douglas only)

Girls Singles: Anya Woodbury and Shaylin Segura (Carson); Ingrid Carslon and Tara Cottrill (Douglas)

Boys Singles: Taylor Saarem and Jake Jones (Carson); Mike Johnson and L. Whitely (Douglas)

Girls Doubles: Amanda Breen-Emma Breeding (Carson); K. Carlson-A. Pomroy (Douglas)

Boys Doubles: Aaron Woodbury-Kyle Kunz (Carson); J.Brown-S. Johnson (Douglas)


All-Sierra League

First team

Players of the Year: Katelyn Oppio (Bishop Manogue) and Monica Strohschein (Wooster)

Coach of the Year: Jason Sterret (Bishop Manogue)

Mikaela DeRicco (Bishop Manogue); Julia Wenzel (Bishop Manogue); Jaycie Roberts (Carson); Juliana Anderson (Carson); Carmen Shaw (Douglas); Alyssa Carreon (Damonte); Meagan Carlson (Damonte)

Second team

Alessandra Reviglio (Bishop Manogue); Madison Jergesen (Carson); Ariah Barth (Douglas); Morgan Waller (Damonte); Taryn Johnson (Galena); Kylie Riske (Carson); Raychel Allen (Douglas)

Honorable mention

Kelly Croasdell (Bishop Manogue); Jillian Gunderson (Galena); Sarah Christl (Carson); Margaret Meyer (Wooster); Taylyn Jackson (Douglas); Shayna Wyatt (Damonte); Isabelle Peterson (Douglas)


Player of the Year: Kassidy Lommori (Yerington)

Coach of the Year: Debbie Rife (Yerington)

First team

Chloe Dane (Yerington); Ashley Rife (Yerington); Abby Bake (Lovelock); Mikayla Montes (Lovelock); Sophia Shorin (Incline); Kira Porter (Incline); Emily Johnson (Silver Stage)

Second team

Megan Golden (Incline); Cheyanne Campbell (Silver Stage); Brianna Soukup (Yerington); Desiree Landa (Yerington); Erica Holland (Lovelock); Jamie Dodge (North Tahoe)

Honorable mention

Taylor Binney (Incline); Sierra Rich (Silver Stage); Jordan Bobrick (Yerington); Wayne Piramide (Battle Mountain);Bailey Wanner (Lovelock); Sydney Reamer (W. Wendover)

• Lommori was also state player of the year and Rife was co-Coach of the Year for Division II state schools


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