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Jim Hartman

Jim Hartman
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The full political derangement triggered by the election of President Donald Trump five years ago resulted in an emphatic repudiation of “woke” far-left progressivism in November.

It was a national theme.

Virginia, which Joe Biden won 54 percent to 44 percent in 2020, elected Republican Glenn Youngkin as governor, Republicans for lieutenant governor and attorney general, and a Republican majority in the House of Delegates.

More shocking, in New Jersey, which Biden carried 57 percent to 41 percent, Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy barely survived against Republican Jack Ciattarelli.

Eric Adams was easily elected mayor of New York City (76 percent Biden). He’s a former Republican and retired police officer who ran a tough-on-crime campaign. Adams succeeds far-left Mayor Bill de Blasio who advocated defunding the NYPD.

And in Buffalo (80 percent Biden), Democratic Socialist primary winner India Walton was beaten by write-in votes for incumbent Mayor Byron Brown, 59 percent to 41 percent. So much for socialism.

The terrible murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May 2020 resulted in an orgy of recriminations and the de facto beginning of the “Defund the Police” movement. That led to the unhinged idea that getting rid of the police would be an excellent way of reducing crime.

In tumultuous 1968, when violence broke out in our big cities, Democratic mayors sided with the police and prosecutors against rioters and lawbreakers. In 2020, they took the side of lawbreakers.

Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Seattle, Baltimore, New York City, and Washington, D.C., among other cities, slashed their police budgets in 2020 under pressure from the defunders.

While Biden and the majority of elected Democrats did not call for abolition of the police, many – including Biden and high-ranking members of his administration – voiced their support for police budget cuts. Vice President Kamala Harris ardently demanded funding be stripped from law enforcement.

A year later, with homicides increasing nationwide by 30 percent, the folly of this course of action has become clear. The “Defund the Police” slogan is now politically toxic. Numerous cities are scrambling to increase police funding.

A USA Today Poll taken in March 2021 found “Defund the Police” disapproved by an overwhelming 40 point margin among Americans (58 percent to 18 percent). Even Democrats disapprove (39 percent to 34 percent).

Voters in Minneapolis (86 percent Biden), soundly defeated (56 percent to 44 percent), a charter amendment to dissolve the current police force and create a “Department of Public Safety” that would consist of social workers, mental health professionals and uniformed police.

In the face of rising crime, including a 40 percent increase in carjackings and an 89 percent increase in homicides compared to last year, Minneapolis voters rejected this vague plan with promises and interpretations of what might happen, and few specifics.

Far-left Democrat progressive “squad member” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) vocally supported the initiative. Opposition was strong in North Minneapolis among black voters where polls showed 75 percent opposed the measure.

With the Minneapolis Police Department now short more than 200 officers from state-mandated requirements, the city council has reversed its original plan to dismantle the city’s police force and approved additional funding to hire and train more cops.

In Seattle (92 percent Biden), election eve was “fright night” for radical progressives. The more moderate, business-backed candidates for city offices won.

Bruce Harrell, former City Council president, was elected mayor. He defeated current council president , M. Lorena Gonzales, a zealous “Defund the Police” extremist.

Meanwhile, police abolitionist Nicole Thomas-Kennedy lost to a Republican, Ann Davison, in the nonpartisan race for city attorney. Thomas-Kennedy was by definition an advocate of domestic terrorism – including violence against police, burning down a jail and setting off explosives at a police station.

This year’s election established that looney left progressives are wildly out of touch. Not just with Red State America, but even with voters in cities like Seattle.

Jim Hartman resides in Genoa. E-mail lawdocman1@aol.com.


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