Supporting Adam Laxalt For U.S. Senate

For years, our law enforcement community has been under assault from the radical left.

Activists have advocated for defunding our police forces and scaling back the very efforts we vitally need to keep our communities safe.

Fortunately, we have a candidate for United States Senate in Nevada who has never wavered in his commitment to our law enforcement community: Adam Laxalt. A veteran, husband, father, and public servant, Adam knows the value of keeping our communities safe and standing by the men and women in law enforcement.

When Adam served as our state’s 33rd Attorney General, Adam made sure our police officers were equipped to do their jobs. He organized the first ever state law enforcement summit to allow officials in all 17 counties to cooperate and communicate with one another. The results were clear as he built an infrastructure to support peace officers and ensure we had the tools to complete their mission.

Adam’s support for law enforcement has been clear, and that’s one of the reasons why numerous police groups including the Fraternal Order of Police and the Public Safety Alliance of Nevada have endorsed him.

Adam also understood the threat of opioids to our communities. He expanded the number of drug incinerators available to Nevada law enforcement, and he worked to expand access to

Narcan, a vital drug necessary to protect law enforcement officers from accidental exposures to illegal drugs. This is a tool that saves lives and Adam made sure Nevadans had access to it.

Before Adam took office, there was a backlog of thousands of untested rape kits in Nevada.

While thousands of sexual assault victims waited for justice, nothing was being done to help them. One of Adam’s top priorities when he was elected Attorney General was to ensure this

backlog was immediately addressed and he succeeded in eliminating it.

Adam made the Attorney General’s office a resource to Nevada veterans and servicemembers, establishing the Office of Military Legal Assistance, offering free legal aid those who serve. This

has made a difference in the lives of countless Nevadans who answered the call to serve.

While Adam’s record of advocacy for law enforcement is unmatched, his credentials as a conservative have proven unquestionable. He’s supported our Second Amendment rights by opposing intrusive red flag laws. He joined lawsuits to fight back against restrictions on guns and expanded reciprocity for our state’s gun owners.

Adam’s former Solicitor General, Lawrence VanDyke, was appointed by President Trump to serve on the federal bench and he recently delivered a major ruling against gun control advocates who tried to weaken our liberties. Even after Adam left the office of Attorney General office, we’re still seeing the positive results of his work.

Adam showed his respect for the constitution by establishing the state’s first-ever Federalism Unit. Supporting Nevadans’ liberties, this unit fought back under Adam’s leadership and pushed

back to defend the rights of our people.

Adam has also been a staunch supporter of President Trump. He co-chaired his campaigns in 2016 and 2020 and fought in the trenches to stop fraud and impropriety. President Trump himself has spoken to how Adam defended him even as others wouldn’t.

The bottom line is simple: Adam Laxalt is a committed leader who has had the backs of law

enforcement and fought for the people of Nevada. He should be our GOP nominee this November and he should be our next United States Senator. I hope you will join me in voting for him.

Dan Coverley is Douglas County Sheriff



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