Sept. 9, 2021, Letters to the Editor


Meeting constituents


On Sept. 15 from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., Commissioners Tarkanian and Gardner will host a public forum for the residents of Douglas County to discuss county commission business and to receive their constituents’ input. The forum will be held at Hamdog’s Restaurant, 1267 U.S. 395 in Gardnerville.

Danny Tarkanian

Gardnerville Ranchos

Car rally to observe Sept. 11


The Douglas County Republican Central Committee is planning a Truck and Car Rally on Saturday morning.

The sacrifice of these first responders and the loss of our American citizens as the Twin Towers and Pentagon were struck and collapsed will never be forgotten. We will never forget their sacrifice. The purpose of this rally is to stimulate remembrance with devout patriotism.

These are seriously scary times with Afghanistan and the fate of thousands of Americans still trapped and uncertain we see this as a perfect time to have a public outpouring of our beliefs. This is to be a somber event with no honking (unless other motorists honk their approval). We may consider making this an annual tradition of remembrance with our Republican central committee.

There is no need to have a parade permit as I have checked with local sheriff and highway patrol. I will, however, as a courtesy notify local authorities of our route and intent. We will be traveling down 395 and the surrounding neighborhoods. If you see us, pause, reflect and remember what you were doing, and where you were on the morning of 9-11 some 20 years ago.

Today it is significant as we remember the dedication of our first responders that serve us daily. Be sure to thank them for their sacrifice and the sacrifice of their families as well. It is important that this rally be law-abiding; no reckless driving or erratic behavior. We will drive our cars and trucks with our headlights on as you would in a funeral procession in a somber manner with patriotic music playing. You can decorate your vehicle with remembrance signs, (like Never Forget, or In remembrance of 9-11, United We Stand) etc. After this event there will be an event sponsored by our sheriff’s office Burgers & Badges in the Minden Park. We encourage you all to go support our local sheriff’s office. Their other event, Bark in the Park, was postponed.

Virginia Nisse

DCRCC member at large

voter registration chair

Biden a failure


The Biden Build Back Better America has resulted in a total failure.

In his efforts to undo everything President Trump accomplished has been done with someone with the mindset mix of The Keystone Cops and Benedict Arnold.

Energy Independence (even exporting energy) to dependence again. Presidential directives, halted Keystone Pipeline but approved the pipeline Russia to Germany halted oil-right leases on Federal Lands.

Gasoline from $1.90 to $4 gallon.

Inflation tripled from 2 to 6 percent [essentially a tax increase on everybody] Unending business and school shutdowns, masks. vaccinations and travel restrictions.

High velocity culture-political violence a daily occurrence in America. With no mandate, only a bare majority, ramming through a $5 trillion socialist agenda, including Marxist Wokeness.

DOJ anxious only to enforce laws on Republicans. Political cleansing of the military of any Trump Supporters. Possible final blow to educational system corrupted by the teacher’s union. Critical Race Theory. fostering hatred between races. Federal takeover of Elections with no ID requirements ID necessary for almost every other legal transaction.

Ending successful Trump Policies at the southern border resulting in mass border crossings by illegals [will exceed 2 million this year] increase in drug traffic and cartel involvement. unscreened people crossing from over 160 countries, with over 20 percent covid infection rates and dispersing them to States without prior notification or permission. Today SCOTUS ruled against Biden's actions. Renewed the no benefit Green Energy Paris Accord agreement will result in US losing over $50 Trillion in productivity to mainly China as they control the rare earth minerals 80 percent [used in green energy] and not held to same requirements as US.

Obama Biden traded five Taliban prisoners for a deserter Pvt. Beghhdal one of which has surfaced as the leader of Afghanistan Taliban

We are witnessing the most cataphoric military and strategic Blunder in US history, in his haste, overruling his staff President Biden wanted to exit peacefully for the optics, before the 20th anniversary 9/11/2001, with no consulting the coalition nations, sent the military home before securing $8 Billion Command airport, $85 Billion in most modern equipment and safe removal of American citizens and Afghanistan supporters leaving thousands behind to face uncertain future [possibly death] with Taliban setting the exit date. Shouldn’t this be a dereliction of duty be an impeachable offence.

Dems tried twice with Pres Trump with no credible evidence.

Mark Tarvainen


Not the Path of Love


Anti-abortionists should take no pride in the means they used to achieve their goal with the current passage of Texas anti-abortion law. This beautiful belief in the reverence of life has been soiled by coercion, harassment, punishing behavior, mean-spiritedness, self-righteousness, mendacity, and fear. The path they took of “anything to win” may have been under the guise of Christianity, but there is nothing of the teachings of Jesus about it. This was not the path of love. The means by which something is accomplished matter. They become the qualities of what has been achieved.

I think this rigid uncompromising stance on abortion stems from an attempt to control God. Perhaps the chaos within the mystery of God, or the mystery of life is too uncomfortable. In an attempt to mitigate that uncomfortability, they insist life unfold by their design, not God's. The divine gift of free will is an opportunity to become the best that we can be. The Republican Texas legislators have chosen to be the worst.

It's one thing to hold the personal belief that life begins at conception, or at a fetal heart beat. It's something entirely different to insist God and everyone else abide by that belief. If that is your spiritual belief, it is appropriate to live a life that reflects that. My own spiritual belief is that life begins when a soul inhabits the body. I believe the moment that happens is a mystery and can't be known. My belief helps me make sense out of miscarriages, spontaneous abortions and unexplained sudden infant deaths. My belief prevents me from becoming judgmental when people make choices to terminate pregnancies.

I know of a woman who was given heartbreaking news late in her pregnancy. The severely undeveloped child would not live long past birthing and would be in excruciating agony until it died. When decisions are made out of love, they are not wrong. She chose compassion.

Those of us who have been witness to the sorrow and heartbreak of those decisions have grown and been changed by it. It is another of God's gifts. When one is willing to bear witness to or endure suffering, it is out of sorrow that compassion is born.

I ask those rigid anti-abortionists to reflect on what they are doing in their attempts to end abortion. What means are you using to achieve your goal? What are you willing to destroy before you start valuing what you've destroy in order to get your way? Please, stop trying to control God. Stop deciding you know better than God what someone else's path to greater love, compassion and understanding should be. Stop undermining freedom of religion by insisting everyone abide by your religious beliefs.

Joan Costa


Maybe elect Libertarians


Peter Engel's recent commentary about the silence of the masses is spot on. However, while he touches on the silence of our elected officials, I believe they are the root cause of our collective frustration. Yes, we can voice our dissatisfaction with the way things are going but we are either preaching to the choir or are drowned out by the biased media. Until the representatives that we send to Washington get a spine we will forever be silenced.

Our “blow up doll” of a president showed disdain for our flag by “taking a knee” in the White House while honoring a WNBA team. Our representatives remained silent. The Democrats would have impeached Trump for treason.

The Republican House is so outraged over the lack of enforcement of the border that four of our representatives sent a letter to head of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas. By golly, that will show them we mean business. Oh well, I guess the other 208 were too busy to be outraged.

An unarmed white woman was killed by a black Capital Police officer during the attempted occupation of the Capital Building. Nancy Pelosi and her minions made a spectacle out of the death of George Floyd. Nothing but silence from the Republican House while an inquisition takes place over culpability of the attempted occupation.

Consider all of the things that Peter mentions on which there is silence: Immigration, violence, outlandish government spending, suppression of speech, etc., and ask “How outraged are those who supposedly represent us?”

There is a lot more they could be doing for us right now other than sitting silently awaiting the opportunity to, perhaps, become a majority in 16 months.

To paraphrase Mark Steyn, “When the Democrats get elected, they do what they said they were going to do. When the Republicans get elected, they spend two years patting themselves on the back and going to better restaurants.”

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Perhaps we need to take a hard look at Libertarian representation.

Robert Wellise



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