The R-C’s last word, for a bit

There are only two more opinion pages where we’ll be printing letters before Primary Election Day on June 11.

Today we publish our primary election guide in time for the opening of in-person voting on Saturday morning, but a little late for the nearly 1,000 voters who have already mailed in their ballots.

With voting ongoing, it’s time to focus on the election. We have 3,000 words worth of letters in the hopper, not counting those we received over the weekend after deadline.

We’re going to prioritize letters that focus on the election occurring right here in Douglas County, but there are going to be some parameters.

Most importantly, if you don’t include a street address or phone number with your letter, you’re taking your chances that we’ll prompt you for that information.

We’re not going to be publishing any “spring surprises” in the letters column. If you want to support your candidate, you’re more likely to get in print if you talk about why instead of attacking the other side.

We might check into accusations made by letter writers. We have done that before, but there’re no guarantees in this life.

Today, the Town Hall Forum will see all the active candidates for county commissioner together in one room for only the second time we’re aware of in the campaign.

In order to make more room for letters, we’re clearing the decks of the “Our Take” and photo we usually include on the page. With a stack of letters already waiting for the May 29 edition, we’re betting there won’t be any need to hear from us.

We offer our thanks to all the candidates who’ve placed their lives on hold to seek public office to serve our community and we wish them, and us, luck in the upcoming.


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