Election season coming soon

With Alpine County holding an election in June and Douglas County candidate sign-ups starting in May, The Record-Courier opinion pages are going on campaign alert.

There is a special set of rules that goes along with election letters.

We welcome letters supporting candidates, but ask that you keep them at 250 words. Writers get two letters a month, so if you feel 250 words isn't enough to sing your favorite candidate's praises, try breaking it up.

Candidates themselves are allowed one letter for the election season. This is down from the previous two, mainly because candidates only occasionally take advantage of it and if they can't find someone else to write a letter in their favor, maybe it's time to rethink the campaign.

We suggest saving the letter for response to an attack if necessary.

Speaking of attacks, and there will be some, we'll be taking a close look at those letters on local candidates that take the low road. We'll publish the letter if it's based on something that has already been reported or can be verified. If not, a reporter will look into the accusation and give the candidate an opportunity to respond.

As for letters in the national realm, it's far more interesting to let the letter writers fight those out.

No new issues may be raised in the last edition printed before the election, but we welcome letters supporting candidates right up to the last.

We wish those who plan to seek political office the very best and thank them in advance for their participation. Without those willing to subject themselves to the political process, our republic would cease to exist. Hopefully we haven't scared anyone off.


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