We’re really in it now

Sample ballots have been arriving in mailboxes for the past week and their official cousins are due to start going out in the very near future, with the 2022 Primary Election less than a month away.

People will be able to start voting in person starting May 28 and Election Day is appropriately on Flag Day, or June 14.

The primary is already in full swing on the opinion pages of The Record-Courier and we’re sure it’s not going to slow down a lick.

Our goal is to get as many letters in as we can over the next three weeks.

We’re running about 4,000 words an edition, and getting all that material in, is a challenge, but that doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all. 

The R-C is responsible for what it publishes, even under the cover of opinion, though that’s a pretty hefty shield.

Next week is the last edition where we’ll accept letters that raise new issues. That gives anyone seeking to counter that a couple of issues to respond.

When a letter writer quotes someone else, or claims someone said something outside of our hearing, we have to ask the subject of the claim if that’s what they said.

All that takes time, and it can result in a letter being delayed or rejected.

We received a letter in the mail recently that was set at what we estimate to be 6-point type. Don’t be surprised if you get a phone call from The R-C asking if you have the original file to email.

That’s one of the reasons we require an address and phone number to publish a letter. Generally, if you email a letter and there’s an issue, we’ll reply by email. We’d like to reply to each letter, but sometimes that’s just not possible. If you sent something and haven’t seen it, don’t be shy about reaching out, sometimes things get missed in the crush.

We’re accepting letters supporting candidates up until the last issue before Election Day. 

We want to thank all those willing to put their lives on hold for a couple of months to seek office. Good luck.


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