Farmers market season kicks off in Carson Valley

Gardnerville resident Elesha Grable strolls the Just a Drop In Farmers market Wednesday with her children.

Gardnerville resident Elesha Grable strolls the Just a Drop In Farmers market Wednesday with her children.
Photo by Sarah Drinkwine.

More than 100 shoppers dropped into Gardnerville’s Just a Drop in Farmers Market Wednesday at Heritage Park, kicking off the outdoor shopping season.

Now in its fifth year at Heritage Park, new and veteran vendors including Dwelly Farms, Rodriguez Bros Ranch, Schletewitz Family Farms, BP Bookshelf, and Just ask Marie displayed their various goods along with new vendors Vital BeeBuds, and 395 Naturals.

“It seems to be picking up interest for both vendors and shoppers,” said Teresa Bennis owner of Just a Drop and market operator.

At 395 Naturals, the aroma of lavender, majestic mint and other organic scents tickled noses to stop and smell the naturally and handmade bath and body products, and candles.

Amy and Steve Richter make the products locally.

“I like to make things that are in season, or things that I like or need, especially now with allergies, certain fragrances can help with that,” said Amy.

One product Amy said helps with allergies is the “shower steamer” bar made with organic menthol, peppermint and spearmint essential oils.

“You just pop one of these in your shower and it blends with the heat of the water and the steam and helps clear things right up,” said Amy.

Amy said 395 Naturals started as a hobby, making soaps and candles for friends and family and soon she decided to take it a step further.

“It’s been fun to get out into the community and connect with people,” she said. “We have a very welcoming community.”

Amy plans to be at the farmers market weekly. For more information visit

The Gardnerville Farmers market currently starts east of Gillman Avenue.

Bennis said her goal is to filter new and familiar vendors and eventually extend the market into Heritage Park.

“It seems to really be filling out the area well, soon I think interest will increase and we will fill out more,” said Bennis.

Bennis encourages interested vendors and shoppers to visit  for more information and a list of vendors and activities each week.  

“We plan to do Storytime with BP Bookshelf and a restaurant series,” said Bennis. “We always encourage more vendors and would love to make this market grow.”

Just a Drop in Farmers Market will be 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesdays through September at Heritage Park in Gardnerville.

The Esmeralda Farmers Market begins 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. May 21 and continues Tuesdays through September.


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