Update: Work on Highway 395 resumes in Gardnerville

An excavator digs up the S-Curve on Highway 395 in Gardnerville on Monday.

An excavator digs up the S-Curve on Highway 395 in Gardnerville on Monday.
Photo by Kurt Hildebrand.

Fun’s over as construction on Highway 395 through Gardnerville resumed Sunday night after a nine-day hiatus for the Fourth of July.

Night paving returned 7 p.m. Sunday, but on Monday, work began on the turn and northbound lanes of the town’s Main Street.

In response, Just a Drop In Farmers Market operator Teressa Bennis is shifting operations from Heritage Park to the parking lot of her shop in the Stratton Center starting Wednesday.

“Since they are flipping the traffic, I don’t want to interfere with the road being closed, so I am moving it for 3-4 weeks until it is open on that side.” she said on Tuesday. 

Unlike the south side of Main Street, there isn’t really a good alternate route along the north side. While Main Street is paralleled by Douglas Avenue with several streets connecting with the businesses, there isn’t a similar route on the other side.

That was one of the reasons contractor Sierra Nevada Construction started in the southbound lanes.

While workers can pave at night, construction noise and personnel considerations mean the company will be digging up the highway during the day.

“Drivers should anticipate construction-related lane reductions and intersections closures through September,” Transportation Spokeswoman Meg Ragonese said on Monday. “At least one lane in each direction and one access to each business will remain available during construction. Access will be maintained but may include metal plates over driveways. NDOT encourages the community to support local businesses during construction.”

Ragonese advised that unless you’ve got a destination in the work zone, it would be best to avoid Main Street.

It has been 21 years since the last time the stretch of the highway was repaved, but there are sections of the road that haven’t seen a bulldozer blade in a century.

The state is taking up all the asphalt down to dirt through old Gardnerville. Uncovered in the work on the southbound lanes was a 100-year-old storm drain encased in concrete that will be preserved and covered with the new surface.

Residents may receive text notifications on the project by texting “DOWNTOWN” to 866-540-8466, or by calling (775) 379-8777.


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