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Water Conveyance Advisory Committee 

Public Hearing 

A meeting of the Water Conveyance Advisory Committee will be held on Monday, December 4, 2023, at 4:00 pm. The meeting will be held at the Minden Inn, at 1594 Esmeralda Avenue, Room 306, Minden, NV 89423. The Water Conveyance Advisory Committee reserves the right to: take items in a different order; combine two or more agenda items for consideration; remove items from the agenda; and/or delay discussions relating to an item on the agenda at any time. The final agenda will be posted on the County’s website at

The applications below will be considered under the Public Hearing portion of the meeting. 

For possible action. Discussion and possible action on irrigation, drainage, and water facilities which may be impacted by General Development Application DP 23-0217 proposing to relocate existing irrigation facilities that potentially conflict with the future alignment of Muller Parkway North. The project is being completed in cooperation with the Douglas County Regional Transportation Commission. The site is located along the future alignment of Muller Parkway crossing multiple parcels (listed below) but located within right-of-way owned by Douglas County. 

Owner APN 

Bentley Enterprises 1320-20-000-025 

Peapeg, LLC 1320-29-501-001 

Park Ranch Holdings, LLC 1320-29-501-003 

Park Ranch Holdings, LLC 1320-28-000-044 

Park Newco 1320-34-001-035 

The project is being represented by the Douglas County Engineer Jeremy Hutchings, PE in cooperation with the applicant Park Ranch Holdings, LLC. 

Questions and comments can be directed to the County Engineer, Jeremy Hutchings, PE at 775-782-9063, by email or fax comments to 775-782-9007. 

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