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Water Conveyance Advisory Committee 

Public Hearing 

A meeting of the Water Conveyance Advisory Committee will be held on Monday, December 5, 2022 at 4:00 pm. The meeting will be held at the Minden Inn, at 1594 Esmeralda Avenue, Room 306, Minden, NV 89423. The Water Conveyance Advisory Committee reserves the right to: take items in a different order; combine two or more agenda items for consideration; remove items from the agenda; and/or delay discussions relating to an item on the agenda at any time. 

The applications below will be considered under the Public Hearing portion of the meeting. The Agenda and Staff Reports will be online prior to the meeting on the County’s website at http://, click on agendas and minutes. 

For possible action. DP 22-0203 Henningsen Ditch Improvements. Discussion on irrigation, drainage and water facilities which may be impacted by a request to place a portion of the Henningsen Ditch in a 24-Inch diameter culvert. The site is located on three separate parcels along Wyatt Lane in Gardnerville (APNs: 1220- 09-001-024; -025; and -026). The applicants are MJD Properties, LLC (Dwight Douglas Engelkirk) and Engelkirk Design & Development (Robert E. Engelkirk). 

For possible action. DP 22-0208 Anderson Ranch. Discussion on irrigation, drainage and water facilities which may be impacted by a request to split off two 5-Acre parcels from the parent parcel which is 199-Acres in size. The site is located at 785 Centerville Lane (APNs: 1220-18-001-012). The applicant is the Aaron Tucker, President of the Anderson Family Ranch, Inc. The project representative is Kate Cunningham from R.O. Anderson Engineering, Inc. 

For discussion only. Update on maintenance agreement along a portion of the Martin Slough Multimodal Trail. 

Questions and comments can be directed to the County Engineer, Jeremy Hutchings, PE at 775- 782-9063, by email or fax comments to 775-782-9007. 

Pub Date: November 23, 2022 

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