May 10, 2023, R-C Letters to the Editor

Krissie Haliwell riding in the Genoa Horse parade on April 29 as part of Western Heritage Days.

Krissie Haliwell riding in the Genoa Horse parade on April 29 as part of Western Heritage Days.
Photo by Kurt Hildebrand.

Horse parade a big hit


The Inaugural Invitational Horse Parade featured at Genoa Western Heritage Days was a huge success. 

A big thank-you to the Carson Valley community for coming out in large numbers to support the parade and daytime events. All the participants involved had a wonderful time showing off their horses, ponies and wagons and being a part of Western Heritage, which is such a large part of our communities culture and history. It was an honor to lead and bring this new day event to Genoa Western Heritage Days, I look forward to putting the work in for next year! I want to extend a big thank you to Dan Aynesworth, Terri Schultz, and the GWHD Steering Committee for the support and guidance. As well as Kinsey Way Property Owners, Sierra Shadow HOA, Friends of Genoa, and Town of Genoa I appreciate their willingness to partner. I also want to thank the following for stepping up to help launch this parade, participate, and ensure its success Sheriff Dan Coverley, Douglas Country Sherriff’s Office, DCSO Mounted Posse, Nevada Highway Patrol, and Nevada Department of Transportation. This parade was also a success because of the community members that stepped up to volunteer their time to help coordinate & stage the participants, I would not have been able to make it all come together with out them. This was a great display of Western Culture and the Carson Valley coming together to put on a superb event.

Krissie Haliwell


People helping people


I pop up now and then to hopefully brighten someone’s day. I wish to thank Chocolate Factory for the donated Easter baskets to the Food Closet. There must have been over 100 baskets with lovely chocolate goodies in each basket. Thank you so much for your community donation. Valley Christian and Trinity Lutheran churches gave generously, bags filled with goodies to many community residents. So much appreciated. These folks give generously to our community. 

With everyone pinching their pennies, it is great to see those who give so generously to others. So many organizations within our community have special events that enhance our lives and give us reason to attend and be a part of.  We really have much to be thankful for. So many give of their bounty. Many people are volunteers, who enhance our lives daily, seen and unseen. Friendliness, generosity and kindness abounds in our community. With so much negativity in the world, we are so blessed to be where we are.

I know I have left out so many organizations, businesses and groups, unintentionally. You know who you are. I am just a thankful resident of our community. It’s such a pleasure to see what people can do when they have a happy heart and are willing and able. I am so grateful to Jehovah God who led me to this community some 40 years ago

The long winter is over and spring and summer with its rebirth is upon us. There are so many outdoor and free activities to keep us healthy and happy throughout the summer. Be sure to support and attend some of these community activities. 

If you are in need, there are many organizations within the Douglas County boundaries, willing to help. Reach out and someone will be there with a helping hand.

Beverly Giannopulos


Prefers civility


Thank you, Dennis Healy for pointing out I incorrectly used the word impinged when I should have used infringed. Mild dyslexia has caused me problems before. You took exception to the use of other words I used such as gun violence and militia, insinuating ignorance. 

Using ridicule, you said what I wrote made no sense. Perhaps your inability to make sense of what I wrote is a reading compression problem of focusing on the minutiae of words rather than the article as a whole. Or it could just be an unwillingness to be understanding.

 I wrote about the problem of gun violence, and by that choice of words I mean violence done to others with the use of guns. I spoke of it as an issue of a lack of responsibility and suggested training might help to restore that. You chose to not address what I wrote, instead projecting things on me that I did not say in an attempt to make me wrong. That says more about you than me. The means that are used to disagree matter. 

As to inviting name calling and poison pen letters, well, what can I say? I prefer civility.

Joan Costa 



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