Dec. 21, 2022, R-C Letters to the Editor

Construction in Minden. Photo special to The R-C by Robin Sarantos

Construction in Minden. Photo special to The R-C by Robin Sarantos

Obedience: A Christmas poem 

Mary with child not yet espoused 

Joseph wondering what is this about 

Privately putting Mary away so not to be shamed 

Instructed by God Mary he nonetheless had to claim 

Because in a dream an angel came 

Telling Joseph of God’s holy design 

That the long-awaited Messiah would soon be born 

That great mystery its curtain now torn 

Emmanuel God with us would be his name 

Prophesy fulfilled Isaiah 14 

Now Joseph awakened to God’s plan 

That he and Mary were chosen to raise the perfect man 

Be God’s people we too must be ready to offer our hand 

Go to Bethlehem to Joseph God said 

He did exactly what he was led Micah 5:2 fulfilled as read 

A heavenly star pointed the way 

For all to find and worship the new King who in manger lay 

That little baby for all our futures God gave 

Through two obedient people 

Who could meekly say 

Blessed are we for doing it God’s way 

Edward Baird

Johnson Lane

Reprinted with permission from “Biblical Myths and Lies Traditions of Men Exposed!” 

Changes coming


Change comes in many forms. Just walk in a square mile area between Muller Lane and Santa Anita near the new McDonald’s on Highway 395 and up to the La Costa neighborhood vicinity. It is obvious that Minden is growing – expanding – bringing in new businesses, new families with their beloved doggies and kitties, new sidewalks, new landscapes…but at what price? 

Coyotes can sporadically be seen running across the parcels of farmlands with their “For Sale” signs prominently displayed. These wild creatures are looking a bit skinnier now-a-days, and the neighborhood rumor has it that a bear’s been wandering in the region - - maybe even taking the paths through beautiful Jake’s Wetlands. Every now-and-then, a pile of scat is seen along the way, and it is obvious that it belongs to the bear. This past week, cutting through the parcel of land up for sale on the corner or Monte Vista and Ironwood, distinct deer footprints were obvious. And just last month, a deer appeared in the neighborhood munching on the newly planted grass in front of a recently built home. Accept this wildlife as part of the existing environment. Respect it. Give it leeway to co-exist.

Along Muller Lane, the cows that were numerous a couple of years ago seem to be disappearing – vanishing. Not a single sheep can be seen. Luckily, there are still majestic owls that perch on the roof tops and call back and forth with their mellowing hoots. And in summer the bats come out in search of their food supply. Hawks seem to enjoy perching on top of the light and electrical poles along Muller Lane, and progress – new area residences – doesn’t appear to bother them. 

Just last week, there was an interesting and informative article in The Record-Courier explaining the expansion of Muller. More new construction will follow. Hopefully, an individual with business acuity will see the need for a large grocery store along one of the available lots adjacent to Highway 395. Many of the new residents buying in the extended neighborhood are retired. At some point, it will prove beneficial for them to be close to shopping for their daily provisions — preferably close enough where our revered senior citizens can bike or walk down to the grocery store in good weather to pick up a carton of milk or a few other items. New roads…new homes…new businesses…new people —  all who love and cherish this area. We need to continue striving to make it the best environment possible.

Robin Sarantos


Thank you


The 2002 Heavenly Holiday Faire was a huge success due to the sponsors, volunteers and shoppers.

Special thanks goes to our sponsors: Lake Tahoe Epic Curling, Steve and Sandy Bolger, Nevada State Train Museum, Carson City, Raley’s  Grocery Store, Neil Hill - A Sign Shop, Record Courier, Dave Anderson, Mary Ann Crosby and the Carson Valley United Methodist Church Donors

The Carson Valley United Methodist Church, Women of Faith will be able to donate more than $14,000 to local, national and international charities that support women and children. Local charities include: Abbey’s Crossing, Alpine Kids, Austin House, Awaken, Inc., Backpack Buddies, Boys & Girls Club-Carson Valley, Carson Valley Community Food Closet, China Springs Youth Camp, City of Refuge, Earth Angels, Family Support Council, Kids & Horses, Partnership of Community Resources, Project Santa Claus, Project School Days, Suicide Prevention Network, Xquisite, & church outreach/community needs.

It takes many people to make such a large event successful and function smoothly. We would like to thank the UWF members, CVUMC Volunteers, Crafters, Bakers & Candy Makers and the committee chairs.

Bake Sale Co-Chairs        

Carol Coleman, Penny Puente 

Carol Lucas, Maxane Hylton

Cinnamon Buns

Ann Santos, Lynn Lenox

Raffle Baskets Co-Chairs

Jan Pohlmann, Linda Kozak

CandyLand Co-Chairs

Ann Santos, Susan Lomardi

Lois Wylie, Glenda McClelland

Kid’s Market Co-Chairs

Linda Malconian

Sue Moxley

Timeless Treasures Chair

Marsha Gallegos, Alison Grey

Barbara Gustafson

Sweet Repeats Co-Chairs

Kevin Heckart, Beverly Williams

Crafts Co-Chairs

Nancy Raymond

Debbie Hampill, Kevin Heckart


Martha Hoefner

Lunch Chair

Suzi Wennhold

& Kitchen Volunteers

Publicity Chair

Sharon Hoelscher Day

Flyer - Darla Brown

Silent Auction Chairs

Nancy Deis

Sharon Hoelscher Day

UWF President

Ann Robar

Thanks also to Len Frueh, office manager and Pastor Tony Hoefner for their help and support.

Thank you.  To All Who Made The 2022 Heavenly Holiday Faire a Success!  Mark your calendar NOW for Saturday, Nov. 4, 2023, for the next Heavenly Holiday Faire in Gardnerville.

Overall Co-Chairs

Susan Hamarlund

Sharon Calvert


Sometimes looking up can hurt


It’s Christmas season, and I’m betting a lot of people will be buying new big screen TVs for Christmas.  A word to the wise:

I practiced chiropractic for 38 years here in the Valley before retiring a year and a half ago.  During most of those years I specialized in treating neck problems.  One of the things I learned was that having your head and neck in an extended position (looking up) for a long period of time is almost guaranteed to cause neck pain.  I once treated a women who had 15 years of neck pain and headaches after watching an airshow.  With that in mind, how high you mount your TV is important.

I always advised people to sit where you normally sit to watch TV.  Close your eyes and put your head and neck in a comfortable, neutral position.  Open your eyes and look straight ahead.  That is approximately how high the center of your TV should be. With multiple people you have to take an average.

After I retired, my wife and I took a 12,000-mile road trip, staying with friends and relatives all over the country.  The number of people who had their TV mounted high on the wall – often over the fireplace – was astounding.  Like I said, that is eventually going to lead to neck pain, and possibly headaches, and you won’t understand why.

Stuart (Skip) Pardee


Disappointed in tone


I was disappointed in the tone of “Commissioners defunding the Sheriff’s Office” (letter to the editor, Dec. 14 R-C). The letter asks “how . . . Douglas County elected officials allowed our public safety to become a crisis?” The letter goes on to say that “…it would appear the Douglas County commissioners are fighting an active war against public safety within Douglas County.” Seriously? Why would elected officials knowingly put their constituents – and their own families – in danger. 

Let’s agree that law enforcement is a tough job and sometimes a dangerous one. Many of us remember Sergeant John Lenz, the cello playing officer who was shot in the face a couple of years ago responding to a crime in progress and was seriously wounded. 

The deputies will receive pay increases. The suggestion that the county’s negotiators are operating in bad faith is a cheap attempt to scare the voters. The question to be settled is how much. The county’s government representatives and the deputies’ bargaining unit should keep in mind that the county’s voting taxpayers’ want their elected representatives to arrive at a fair and equitable increase for the deputies. 

Lynn Muzzy


Will senators return crypto money


Now that Sam Bankman Fried has all but admitted to stealing billions of investors money in his crypto currency scheme and being the second largest contributor to the Democratic party, I’m wondering will we see our two Nevada senators return the money they received or have they already filtered the money to their families. I’m all ready hearing a few Democrat politicians saying they will donate some of the contributions to charity. So taking stolen money and donating to charity makes it Ok? How about returning it to the bankruptcy courts so it can be directed back to all the small investors that were fleeced by Mr fried and the Democratic Party. 

Terry Davis 



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