Oct. 5, 2022, Letters to the Editor

An East Fork Firefighter watches as an F/A-18 Hornet with the Blue Angels flies by.

An East Fork Firefighter watches as an F/A-18 Hornet with the Blue Angels flies by.
JT Humphrey | Special to the R-C

Blue Angels make us proud


If watching the Blue Angels doesn’t instill pride in being an American, nothing will.

God Bless the Blue Angels and God bless America!

Bruce Jacobsen


Hope Candy Dance a success


The Candy Dance is a great event, so many talented people and their wares. 

However, I stayed home. It was too many people for me, especially with COVID in the air. 

I am glad the people that went had a good time, and hope it was a success.

Elizabeth Neumann


Thanks so much


An unexpected act of generosity on Sept. 18, left our family very humbled. Our family sends a heartfelt thank you to the anonymous couple that generously paid for Gloria’s 80th Birthday Dinner at Carson Valley Country Club. We were all stunned by this unexpected act of kindness. 

The Darrington Family


Academic standards appear lacking


Information in The Record-Courier article, “Declining Scores Linked to Test Change,” is very worrisome.  Indeed, an American College Testing score of 26.8 is unacceptable given the importance of meeting this standard-based criterion for students, college bound or not.  Evaluations and test scores provide the most substantive evidence of the level of instruction in a school system.  Our school board is responsible for assessing legitimate and consistent employment of best practices for the sake of learners.  It is apparent that there has been a failure on their part in this regard.

Superintendent Keith Lewis is quoted as stating, “…kids who do not plan to go to college have absolutely zero motivation going into the exam.”  This is a simplistic view.  Allowing four opportunities to take the test, while not ultimately requiring a passing score in order to graduate, makes what should be a serious endeavor strikingly casual.  Is there a strategy in place to assist the student who fails the first or second or third time the test is administered?  What does this actually mean?  

It looks like preparation is absent thus preventing some students from meeting the ACT criterion four times.  Are their scores deficient for lack of time devoted to math and English?  Is Social Emotional Learning taking time away from concentration on substantive material?  It seems so.

It is of great concern that this article identifies “lack of motivation” -- on the senior level -- as acceptable rationale for failure — and for allowing graduation without meeting the standard-based ACT criterion.  Setting the standard of what must be learned to meet the ACT criterion is vital.  Meeting the standard improves motivation.

Mary Porter 


Who says schools need saving?


Susan Jansen, David Burns, and Katherine Dickerson are running for the School Board under the motto, “Save Our Douglas Schools.” This begs the question: why and from whom do our schools need saving?

Jansen, Burns, and Dickerson, all of whom are recent transplants to Douglas County whose children never attended Douglas County schools, are engaging in a campaign of fear and misinformation. Without evidence to substantiate their claims, they attack our board, our superintendent, and accuse our teachers of misdeeds.

Anybody that is familiar with our school district, its teachers, and staff knows that we have high-performing schools, great students, and wonderful teachers.

Our teachers and staff have, through letters to the editor, social media, and other outlets, vigorously and repeatedly disputed Jansen’s, Burns’, and Dickerson’s outlandish claims. Moreover, evidence has been provided by teachers and staff that completely undermines the allegations of academic decline. Despite this, Jansen, Burns, and Dickerson persist with their false and misleading narratives.

All three of these candidates claim to support teachers while simultaneously falsely accusing them of brainwashing students. Their overtures of support are as hollow as their baseless claims. The truth is that Jansen, Burns, and Dickerson do not support teachers AND teachers do not support them.

The teachers in Douglas County are top notch, as is our superintendent, Keith Lewis. They are not supporting Jansen, Burns, and Dickerson. They are supporting Lehmann, Jackson, and Butterfield. You do not have to trust me. You can talk to them. You can drive by their homes and see the yard signs for yourself.

Jansen, Burns, and Dickerson claim to support our students. Yet, last year, when these candidates were invited to field questions from students at Douglas High School, they refused to attend because “it was not a neutral site.” What?!?! With that position, they are acknowledging that students are against their platform.

There is a reason why the school board is a non-partisan board. It is because partisan politics should not be part of schools. Yet, Jansen, Burns, and Dickerson are doing everything they can to inject partisan politics into our schools.

They are not interested in our schools, and they do not know our community. They are running political campaigns for a non-partisan race. They have not identified any issues particular to Douglas County; instead, they simply spread misinformation.

Unlike Jansen, Burns, and Dickerson, Lehmann, Jackson, and Butterfield are eschewing politics in favor of education. Lehmann, Jackson, and Butterfield are not disseminating false information for political gain.

They are investing their time and their talents into our schools both for their children and ours. 

As a parent with three children attending Douglas County schools, the prospect of Jansen, Burns, and Dickerson serving on the Douglas County School Board terrifies me. I cannot fathom someone who views my child’s questions as a political liability being the steward of his/her education. I will support our teachers and my children by voting for Lehmann, Jackson, and Butterfield and I urge you to do the same.

Richie McGuffin


Supporting Burns, Jansen and Dickerson


“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” I know Doug Englekirk and Tony Magnotta, two who ran for school board and won. Both men have stood for our children and giving them the best education. I support Dave Burns, Susan Jansen, and Katherine Dickerson now running for school board. Dave and Katherine are married to teachers and Susan is a retired teacher. I believe they will fight the national battle to install progressive ideology and sexualization of kids in schools.  To think that it will not or is not in Douglas County is not being vigilant. Charlotte Iserbyt wrote a book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” a stunning expose on the educational system from the late 1800s to 1999.

Barbara Decker


Supporting Lehmann, Jackson and Butterfield


I am writing this letter as a concerned citizen of this community and a parent of two children who received a great education here in Douglas County schools.  Douglas County School District has always been considered one of the best in the state.  I believe DCSD schools offer a high level of education and help students to become successful, lifelong learners.  This has been due to great leadership from superintendents and principals to the wonderful, dedicated teachers and support staff at our schools that are so important in supporting the education and well-being of students.  I know many of these incredible leaders, teachers and present and past students personally.    

I hope to see the great leadership and support of student learning continue and after speaking with school board trustee candidates Robbe Lehmann, Heather Jackson and Roberta Butterfield, I discovered we share the same hopes for our students and the district.  All three of these candidates have raised and/or have children in DCSD schools. They spend time in classrooms and are actively involved with our schools. They are focused on the social and emotional health of our students post Covid.  They have observed great and unbiased teaching, and they see the need to support the awesome work done in classrooms every day in our district.

I encourage all voters of this community to communicate with Mr. Lehman, Ms. Jackson and Ms. Butterfield.  They are all open to hearing your concerns and discussing their vision and hopes to continue the great work of this school district into the future.

Paula Ortiz


Focus on quality


After researching as much as I could about the six candidates for Douglas County School Board (including reading all of the candidate’s websites in their entirety), I have decided to vote for Susan Jansen, Dave Burns and Katherine Dickerson.  I must say that I was taken back by the fact that we clearly have two factions running for the Board.  

So instead of focusing on the politics behind the two factions, I decided to focus on what has been happening to the quality of education in Douglas County.  And that news is not good.  Douglas High School used to be one of the highest rated high schools in the State, but it has fallen to No. 23 in the State.  Worse yet, only 32.5 percent of the students are ready for college.

So, when I see that kind of decline in the quality of education, it is clear we need new management on the Board.  Two of the three candidates on the other faction are incumbents.  They have had their time to make a difference.

I am impressed with the candidate statements by Susan Jansen, Dave Burns and Katherine Dickerson.  ALL of them focus on the need for improving the academic results in Douglas County.  I may be old fashioned, but in my opinion, the first, second and third components of a good school all focus on the quality of teaching in reading, writing, mathematics, US and world history, science, etc.  The best way to judge the quality is through the school’s ranking.  As one of the premier counties in Nevada, Douglas High School should be far higher than #23 in the State.

I ask you to join me in voting for Susan Jansen, Dave Burns and Katherine Dickerson for Douglas County School Board.

Brett Tibbitts


No guns sign indicates soft target


I am wondering how many of my fellow Douglas County residents are aware that when they enter Carson Valley Medical Center they are agreeing to a search of their person or possessions.  

Oh yes!  This is an unpublished extension of the hospital “no guns allowed” policy.  If an employee of the hospital suspects you are carrying a concealed firearm, they can question you about that.  If you are not carrying, and state so, the employee can ask you to submit to a search of your person and/or possessions (basically calling you a liar).   Should you refuse to be searched, even though you have stated you are not carrying a concealed firearm, you will be told you must exit the building, even if you have paid for a medical procedure (note:  no refund will be given for whatever procedure you have paid for, apparently a penalty for refusing to be searched).  Should you refuse to leave you are told that law enforcement will be called, and you will be arrested for violating hospital policy (note:  I don’t think law enforcement can make an arrest for violating a hospital policy.  Possibly an arrest for trespassing if you refuse to leave).  Simply a form of intimidation to get you to submit to a search of your person.

In reality the hospital ‘s posting of a sign stating “no guns allowed” is a farce.  If the hospital really wants to have no firearms in the building, then stop them at the entrance(s).  Install metal detectors and the personnel to man them.  However, this cost money, creates lines, irritates people, and cuts into the bottom line.    Posting a sign simply tells a dedicated shooter that this location is what law enforcement refers to as a “soft target.”  Questioning a person who government has issued a concealed carry permit to simply leads to discord (apparently the hospital administration has no faith in the government when it comes to CCW permits).   It appears that the hospital administration does not understand the adage “the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

Ted Bettker


Speeders on Tillman


Sheriff Coverley, we appreciate the good service your department provides for the county, and especially thought the way the BLM protest some time ago was handled very well and safely.

OK, you had to know a complaint was coming after those accolades. We live in the Ranchos adjacent to Tillman Lane, whose speed limit is posted as 25 mph. Folks speed constantly on this stretch and come off Dresslerville onto it like they were in a drag race, all times of the day but especially early morning and late evening. The noise is unpleasant and the speed dangerous because of kids and dogs along this street. Folks are also bad about rolling through stop signs at that intersection and the Centerville one.

It doesn’t help to position a “your speed” wagon, and any squad cars are spotted well in advance. Possibly using less obvious motorcycle officers would help. Citations could easily be written all day and night long.

We know Californians moving here have something to do with it, but I have to say there are more speeders and inpatient drivers here than any place I have ever lived. Tailgating is especially bad here as well.

The homeowners along Tillman would appreciate any thing you can do to alleviate the rampant disregard for the speed limits on Tillman and in the county too. Thank you in advance for this request.

Jack Trainer


Plenty of room to camp


In response to your article, County explores RV park sites, printed Aug. 27 and the follow-up Sept. 14.

I would like to thank the Douglas County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board for acknowledging our concerns regarding the proposed campgrounds at the Fairgrounds and adjacent to the transfer station. Many of our residents enjoy the outdoors and are also campers and off roaders. There is plenty of space to go camping but it does not need to be at anyone’s backdoor. These are our concerns:

FIRE: The wind in this area is more pronounced than in town.  As the prevailing wind is from the Southwest a campfire not properly extinguished could start a disastrous fire blowing directly into the residential areas northeast of this campground.

OFF ROAD EQUIPMENT: People may take the easiest route to the BLM land for recreation. The first access will be adjacent to the residential area off of Pinenut 1. It requires more effort to access the designated off road area off of Pinenut 2. The increased traffic will affect the wildlife and environment bringing noise, trash and unknown persons into the residential area. 

SECURITY OF THE CAMPSITE:  Check in was via a self-check kiosk. There would be no personnel on site to insure the rules would be followed. Just who would be policing this area? Security has not been properly addressed.

ANIMAL SHELTER: The animals are already in distress. These animals are walked in this area. This campsite will interfere with their handlers and training.

TRANSFER STATION: It has the noise and odors of a dump. Does anyone really want to camp next to a dump? There are a large number of trash trucks and other traffic traveling past this proposed campground on a daily basis. Pinenut and Dump road are littered with trash that is blown out of vehicles on their way to the transfer station. Many local residents pick up this trash.

NOISE: Noise level increases with the quantity of people in one area and from generators, music and off road vehicles. It was stated there would be quiet hours. Again, who will enforce these rules?

EMERGENCY EVACUATION: In case of fire or flood we may have to evacuate the neighborhoods and the campgrounds. This could impact the residents evacuating in a timely manner, including Ruhenstroth residents who use the dirt road leading to Dump Road as an alternative emergency egress to the 395.  Additionally this area is used as an Incident Command Post and for large and small animal evacuations. There is a lot going on in this area. It was noted that it is easy to turn the Senior Center into an evacuation center. In that instance, we are asking locals to leave. Asking someone not familiar with the area to leave is a much harder task.

            HOME VALUES: Not addressed.

JOHNSON LANE: Johnson Lane residents have long complained about the excessive amount of off roading, trash and people that access the BLM land. This proposed campground will become as problematic to the residents of Pinenut Road and Ruhenstroth as it is to our neighbors to the north.

Thank you in advance for printing this letter in the Record-Courier. I believe it is important for the residents of Douglas County to understand our concerns regarding the old motocross site being used as a campground. I also thank you for keeping the printed newspaper alive.

Carol Caman


Am I wrong?


Let me know if I’m wrong here..

The Democrat party stands for:

Defunding the police.

No bail policies for criminals.

Grooming our kids in elementary school and not telling the parents.

Teach whites that they are racist.

Killing babies up until birth.

Open borders.

Fentanyl is O.K.

Inflation is transitory.

Taking away the guns of law-abiding citizens.

Antifa are peaceful protesters.

But J6’ers are criminals.

The IRS needs 85k new armed agents to come after you.

Men can get pregnant.

I think we can do better.

I am a M A N. No pronouns here.

Rick Nelson


Abortion attack ads


What’s with the abortion attack ads by Masto and Sisolak against Laxalt and Lombardo. The abortion issue has been settled law in Nevada for decades. When Nevada voters went to the polls and approved “The Freedom of Choice Act” in 1990. This law upholds Nevadan’s right to an abortion even with the Supreme Courts recent overturn of Roe v. Wade. This law can only be changed or overturned by another vote of Nevadan’s. A new passable federal bill is a long way off.

Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto claims to be the champion of women so why did she leave behind 8,000 untested sexual assault kits as Nevada’s Attorney General. Laxalt managed to get them tested and secured the first human trafficking conviction in the history of AG’s office, that Masto is taking credit for. Masto’s, campaign ads when fact checked by several news outlets were called false, misleading and defamatory. 

Cortez Masto was not a millionaire when she ran for office but is currently worth as much as $7 million, per her latest federal financial disclosure. She has voted for every inflation causing bill that has come along.  

Cortez Masto, voted with President Biden 93 percent of the time. She voted for that great $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill along with 19 dumb Republicans Senators and 13 Republican House Members. I bet you think it’s for roads, bridges, airports, water and sewer project, guess again. I have a sneaking suspicion it will be funding green energy companies and green infrastructure.  I can hardly wait to see the rows of solar panels and windmills as far as the eye cans see across the Nevada’s landscape. Why would I think this? Over 98 percent of the land in Nevada is owned by the federal government. Nevada has the highest sun index in the United States and the wind is our constant companion. 

NextEra Energy Inc. and Resources, based in Florida is one of Masto’s top twenty donors. NextEra Energy Inc. is the largest (nuclear) electric utility in American and NextEra Energy Resources and affiliates is the world’s largest generator of renewable energy from wind and sun and a leader in battery storage.  

How soon we forget Remember, Democrats $800 billion, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. In the end only $27 billion was actually spent on infrastructure and transportation. How many Green Energy failures will be in this new bill. Remember Solyndra, $535 million in government backed loans and another $25 million, in tax breaks from California. How about Abound Solar $400 million in backed loans, $18 million U.S. Export Import Bank, $1 million tax breaks from Colorado and $12 million from Indiana Development Corporation. Then $3 million to clean up the 100,000 solar panels and 4,000 gallons of toxic waste left behind.  Just two of the many green companies that went bust leaving the taxpayers with that economic disaster. The same idiots are in charge, what makes anyone think the results will be different. I’m voting for Laxalt and Lombardo.

Laurie Hickey  


Great job at art show


How Cool is it when someone you know reaches a new high of success? Teri Sweeney, one of Douglas County’s premier fine artists, and her partner fine artist Joe Milazzo, produced the second annual Sierra Nevada Invitational Art Show at the Douglas County Historical Society Museum and it exceeded all expectations.  

Teri and Joe are over the moon about sales numbers and already meeting to discuss next year’s Art Show. The show featured the art of Teri and Joe, as well as six other fine artists and a sculptor from the Western United States. The artists are some of the finest in the business and their work continually stopped attendees in their tracks. The show highlighted the fact that we have the ability to attract a high level of Fine Art to our Valley.

Teri Sweeney and her husband Bill moved to the Carson Valley in 2005. For some time they owned an art gallery and all the time Teri was working on her art. She has worked tirelessly to bring attention to the arts and for some time has worked to produce a high-quality art show. She has made the rounds seeking financial support for the Arts and spoken with many people. Once you see her many paintings you realize her level of Talent and realize how lucky we are to have her living here. The fact that she was able to produce this Show with such a high level of Art is remarkable. 

Many thanks and our appreciation goes to Douglas County Historical Society Director Dennis Little. He met early on with Teri and Joe and quickly discerned that this was a serious undertaking. He intuitively understood what they were trying to accomplish and embellished the show with his own creativity. Teri and Joe’s Sierra Nevada Invitational Art Show serves as a clear example that Douglas County is on the way to becoming an arts destination. Tie this to the unbelievably large group of outstanding musicians living here and the success of the performing Artists involved in the Carson Valley Community Theater and you arrive at the conclusion that Douglas County is on it’s way to something truly amazing. What could be better than a successful art show to make for another great weekend in Douglas County.

Joe Hooven




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