Christmas displays light up the night

The display at 866 Coloma Drive in Indian Hills lights up the whole neighborhood.

The display at 866 Coloma Drive in Indian Hills lights up the whole neighborhood.
Photo by Kurt Hildebrand.

With mild evenings forecast for the Christmas weekend, it will be a good opportunity for people to get out a view Christmas displays.

Several residents with displays have contacted The Record-Courier to invite neighbors to have a look.

Gardnerville Ranchos resident Kimberly Kleist said the lights at her Shasta Drive home are synchronized to music broadcast at 89.7 FM.

On Friday, the 50-home decoration contest hosted by the Grill Next Door wrapped up voting.

In Gardnerville, Roy Nisja’s Bear House is back in action for its fifth year in a row at 1366 Chichester Drive.

Nisja’s display, much of which came with him when he moved to Gardnerville in 2018, has been 42 years in the making.

Indian Hills resident Zach Stephens’ Christmas display lights up the whole neighborhood.

Located at 866 Coloma Drive, Stephens said the display is a work in progress.

He started putting up the larger decorations in the middle of November and added the smaller ones over the month.

On Sunday night, he was righting the big inflatable Santa.

“My neighbors are cool with all this,” he said. “I help them with their displays.”

Girlfriend Kari Ferguson asked that people who use the Grinch family selfie station post their photos with the hashtag #ChristmasColoma.

“One of the best parts of the display is the Grinch family selfie station or aka as the Grinchie station,” she said. “This station was modeled after the latest Grinch movie and is a replica of the Grinch’s door to his cave.”

Topping off the whole display is a 16-foot Christmas tree and star.

“Thousands of lights are hanging in hopes to spread Christmas Spirit to all,” she said.

Addresses listed by The R-C were submitted by residents, but there are lots of impressive displays across the Valley.

The display at Heritage Park in Gardnerville is also synchronized to music.

While visiting displays, residents should be mindful of the neighborhoods playing host.

Light displays

• 1635 Belarra St., Minden

• 1366 Chichester Drive, Gardnerville

• 2453 Genoa Highlands Drive, Genoa

• 866 Coloma Drive, Indian Hills

• 1313 Cedar Creek Circle, Gardnerville

• 1419 Shasta Drive in the Gardnerville Ranchos

• 820 Foothill Road, Gardnerville

• 1409 Marlette Circle, Gardnerville Ranchos

• 1785 Linden Court, Minden

• Minden Park

• Heritage Park


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