Mr. DHS takes flight

Jackson Davis expresses surprise on being named Mr. DHS on Friday night.

Jackson Davis expresses surprise on being named Mr. DHS on Friday night.
Photo by Ron Harpin.

In 2007 Douglas High School’s Leadership class established an elite pageant for the top 1 percent of its senior boys. Its purpose was to teach them the lost art of dignity and poise and to ensure that the two men who graduated were the best in the county.

They succeeded.

Today, the high school calls it Mr. DHS. The seniors call it “Top Gun.”

At least, that was the theme for the 2023 Mr. DHS competition that sent nine contestants off on their final flight for the top titles Mr. DHS and Mr. Congeniality.

This year, Rock Gignac was voted by the contestants as the friendliest and crowned Mr. Congeniality.

“It’s really a huge honor, it’s what I go for in life to just be a good person,” said Gignac.

The 2023 “Top Gun” title of Mr. DHS went to Jackson Davis.

“It was so surprising, I really thought anyone could have been it, everyone did so amazing,” said Davis. “This was really a fun event and one of the best memories of high school.”

Over the years, more than 120 participants have wooed audiences with their best pick up lines, shown off their best talents through lip syncs, dance, synchronized swimming, TED Talks and tutorials, ribbon dancing and more.

“I think they were amazing,” said Karen Berger, a member of the audience. “They’re so brave for putting themselves out there and have done an amazing job, so funny and talented too.”

Presented and put on by the Douglas High School Leadership class, the pageant has become the kickoff event for the senior celebrations that follow and is the number one fundraiser for Senior Grad Night.

“I really love this event because it brings the community together, kicks off the senior events and it really shows how much my leadership kids do,” said Karen Lamb. “It really means a lot to me how amazing they are.”

Lamb said the event also supports other senior events and helps funds for struggling seniors providing them with the same experiences as everyone else.

Mr. DHS Judges included, math and engineering teacher Christina Brown, math teacher and Basketball Coach Eric Emm, social studies and Football Coach Kyle Mays, math teacher Kendra Oaken, Counseling Secretary Melissa Strazi, science teacher Ginny Thomas and math teacher Christine Ensign as the scorekeeper.

Mr. DHS 2023 Contestants were Grant “Camino” Gomes, Calvin “Manta” Stevenson, Stephen “S. Swizzle” Baug, Evan “Speed” Moses, Jensen “Suggars” Benigno, JC “Tubby” Reid, Wade “Duck” Kuhlmann, Rock “Him” Gignac and Jackson “Turbo” Davis.

“I want to thank everyone who helped put this on, specifically my leadership kids and Mena Dedmon,” said Lamb.


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