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Swing 395 in Gardnerville now open with Trackman simulators

One swing bay at Swing 395 in Gardnerville, which features playing options of up to 270 golf courses as well as other games.

One swing bay at Swing 395 in Gardnerville, which features playing options of up to 270 golf courses as well as other games.
Photo by Carter Eckl.

Swing 395 in Gardnerville is in its first peak season since opening four months ago.

A new way to practice, play and compete in golf is now open, located at 1352 Highway 395 Suite 107.

As winter rolls in, golfers of any skill level can continue to practice and perfect their game indoors and out of the cold.

Swing 395 offers four swing bays for individuals, groups or parties to take swings on their virtual golf simulator. Up to four players can play in each bay.

“We are open 80-plus hours a week so there’s always some time for golf to fit around people’s personal schedules,” said Rick Flores, who is the owner and operator of Swing 395. “In here, everything is focused on the simulator and the experience they have in the bay.”

Flores said the decision to open Swing 395 comes from his background in marketing where he enjoys entertaining and hosting.

“I got out of high tech and saw how dedicated this community was to golf and thought it would be a great idea,” said Flores.

What’s offered at Swing 395

There are several different ways to enjoy your time at Swing 395.

For the more competitive golfers, leagues will be established in January for men, women, children and families.

The leagues typically last five to eight weeks, according to Flores.

Golfers who aren’t looking for a competition can still come enjoy the entertainment side of all the technology.

Each bay features games such as longest drive, closest to the pin, target golf or a golf version of Candy Crush – the mobile app that surged in popularity.

There are 270 courses around the world that users can play in full detail thanks to the Trackman technology.

“It’s mapped to the detail,” said Flores. “Since its electronic golf we have the ability to tune the courses. We can make it very fair and mild or we can make it breezy and hard.”

Flores said the experience can fit anyone from five-year-olds up to seniors.

Swing 395 rents out the bays by the hour, which will cost $55 or $65 per bay, depending on the day.

However it’ll cost a group of four less than $20 per person to rent out a bay for an hour.

“If you bring four people in here, it’s really inexpensive entertainment,” said Flores.

Swing 395 offers a junior rate of $40 per hour for children 18 and under.

Flores said they also offer a punch card, which will allow avid users to get their 10th hour free after nine hours of play.

Golfers can bring in their own clubs to use or rent clubs through the store.

Swing 395 also sells clubs from Taylor Made and Cobra and offers club repair.

Along with the swing bays, there is a putting green on the stage at the back wall for players to dial in their short game.

Swing 395 has a full liquor license to sell beer, seltzers or wine along with water and other non-alcoholic options.

Flores added that Swing 395 also offers lessons through certified PGA professional Dan D’Angelo.


Trackman technology and data

The Trackman technology that is available at Swing 395, which goes into each bay, is a staple amongst professional golfers.

It uses a radar system and a high-definition camera to capture and process ball flight data for users.

The bays at Swing 395 also feature a practice option to show golfers their club path, ball speed and other areas that can allow golfers to fine tune their game.

“Eighty percent of the pros on the tour use it to practice and train on,” said Flores. “There’s a lot of golf simulators on the market, but we’re running Trackman because they are state of the art and they are the most accurate.”

Swing 395 is open seven days a week, opening at 10am.

Monday through Thursday the facility is open from 10am to 9pm; Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 10pm and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm.

Availability is reservation based, meaning those interested can schedule their times online, by phone or by walking into the store.

Flores said if bays are available, walk-ins can play immediately.

Any further questions can be directed to Flores by phone at (775) 901-7603 or online at

(A look at the putting green featured at Swing 395 where customers can practice their putting strokes along the back wall of the business. / Carter Eckl)


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