Judge calls out state Parole and Probation

Judge Tod Young

Judge Tod Young

The Nevada Division of Parole and Probation was once more in the dock on Tuesday after seeking a dishonorable discharge for a probationer whose term expired more than three months ago.

District Judge Tod Young called out the division, saying it is a failed agency.

An agent for the division said that she realized the division was failing to alert courts that some probationers terms were expiring before they could appear.

She said that with pay raises, recruiting will allow the division to catch up with the backlog caused by 50 percent understaffing.

“We are working to get all our (cases) up to date,” she said. “The division’s goal is to alert courts at least 60 days prior to a probationers’ expiration.”

The agent appeared in the case of Cara Lynn Milligan, 46, who was placed on probation in 2018 after she admitted embezzling more than $4,000 from the MontBleu casino by taking unclaimed slot vouchers and pocketing the money for herself over several months.

Attorney Matthew Ence said that Milligan was unemployed and didn’t have the ability to pay for part of the probationary period.

As of Tuesday, she still owed $2,056.35 in restitution and $678 in supervision fees.

Without having paid, Milligan would face a dishonorable discharge under state law unless she came to court and showed why she couldn’t pay, according to prosecutor Erik Levin.

Young deferred the request and ordered Milligan to pay $300 a month on her restitution or face a contempt charge.

Should she successfully make restitution, she may be eligible for an honorable discharge from probation.

It has been two years since Young ordered the division’s chief to appear in court to explain why it keeps seeking dishonorable discharges in cases where probation has expired.

The judge acknowledged that he likely has a reputation with the division.


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