Woman unlikely to make restitution before probation tolls

Even the judge doubted a Sacramento woman who was ordered to pay $29,419 to the victim of a severe beating would be able to complete that task before her probation ends in a year.

Anjelica Josefinia Porcayo, 28, admitted to a single count of gross misdemeanor conspiracy to commit battery causing substantial bodily harm on Monday.

She was given a 364-day jail sentence that was suspended for one year, the longest a new Nevada law allows.

The beating occurred on Sept. 19, 2015, at Stateline when the victim yelled at a group of people including Porcayo and the father of her child, Avri Jordan Newkirk.

The victim suffered a lacerated brain in the attack. Newkirk, 29, was sentenced to 19-48 months in October. While Newkirk is also responsible for the restitution, defense attorney Joe Laub said it was likely that the brunt would fall to Porcayo.

“She did have tertiary involvement,” Laub said.

According to the victim and the investigation, the victim said he was holding his own against the two men when Porcayo pushed him, allowing the men to overwhelm him.

Porcayo said she could pay $5,600 of the restitution right away.

District Judge Tom Gregory said he was reluctantly putting her on probation, though he recognized there was no way she would be able to pay off the rest before it expired in a year.

• There were two instances when probations expired before payments were completed on Monday.

In one, $6,495 in restitution will have to be recovered through civil proceedings after a woman was dishonorably discharged from probation.

Stacy L. Reggiani, 41, admitted a charge of attempted grand larceny of a motor vehicle. She’d taken a Mercedes and abandoned it in Roseville, where it had been stripped.

She was sentenced in July 2018, but received good time credits despite only making $500 in restitution.

• A former Gardnerville man who was involved in the theft of a firearm from a Kings Lane home in 2018 received a dishonorable discharge from his probation on a gross misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to commit theft.

Robert D. Brown’s probation expired on Jan. 31. A representative of Parole and Probation said that their files would show Brown was dishonorably discharged when his case expired. There was restitution owned in that case as well.

• A 37-year-old probationer admitted that he possessed metal knuckles when he was taken into custody on March 9.

James Douglass Tucker, 37, said he used the knuckles as a key ring and didn’t intend to use them as a weapon.

Tucker was on probation for a drug sales charge out of Washoe County when he was taken into custody.

Attorney Brian Filter said Tucker purchased the knuckles as a novelty.

He was sentenced to 21 days time served and released to the probation hold.

• A man serving a 14-72-month prison term for trying to flee Carson City deputies and winding up in a ditch admitted that was a probation violation.

Robert Angel Gonzalez, 22, appeared in Douglas County District Court on Monday where his probation was revoked.

He’d admitted the violation on March 8 in connection with a 2018 drug possession charge. He was granted diversion in the case, but wound up on probation until his Nov. 5, 2020, arrest after he crashed into a gully in the parking lot of the Nevada Railroad Museum. He ran but Carson deputies took him into custody.

Gonzalez was given credit for 266 days time served. He will serve both sentences simultaneously.

• A man who had previously been ruled as mentally ill admitted Monday he had a firearm.

David John Caylor, 54, was actually serving house arrest for felony driving under the influence on July 26, 2020, when he agreed to purchase a .45 caliber handgun.

He faces 1-4 years in prison that must run consecutive to his current sentence.

Caylor’s house arrest was revoked and he is serving out a 2-5-year term for a 2019 felony driving under the influence out of Washoe County.

The current case is the second of two felony DUIs Caylor has committed while living in Western Nevada. He had a prior felony DUI in Victorville, California in 2010.


spunx903 2 weeks, 3 days ago

It really sounds like sentencing laws in Nevada need to be toughened. Too many criminals let go on probation. It is time to take the side of the victims & make them as whole as possible.

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