Nominations due Nov. 18 for Aldax Award

Andre "Andy" Aldax

Andre "Andy" Aldax

Carson Valley farmer Andy Aldax served on the Carson Water Subconservancy District board from 1959 to 2013 and was the first person to be recognized in 2007 for exemplary service in conservation and protection of the Carson River watershed.

Aldax was a life-long resident, farmer, and dairyman in Carson Valley and demonstrated an ongoing dedication to improving his community, as well as the Carson River Watershed until his death in February 2020.

The Subconservancy District is taking nominations through Nov. 18 for the award that bears his name for 2023.

The Carson River flows approximately 184 miles beginning in Alpine County and continuing through Douglas County, Carson City, Lyon County, and Churchill County. Its watershed encompasses approximately 3,966 square miles.

The Carson River Watershed Vision is to achieve healthy sustainable watersheds within the entire Carson River Basin; to achieve improved watershed conditions, so all lands and waterways (surface and underground) safely receive, store, and release clean water for the good of all peoples, environments, and natural resources of the Carson River Basin; to achieve this vision through community led and private/public partnerships for implementation of local and basin wide plans and projects.

This award recognizes individuals and/or organizations for significant contributions in promoting and achieving the Carson River Watershed Vision.

Please submit a 1-page narrative outlining how the nominee meets the award criteria outlined below to Catrina Schambra at

To be considered for this award, nominees must:

1. Have demonstrated a commitment to Carson River Watershed conservation activities for 10 years or more; and,

2. Have produced accomplishments toward the goals outlined in the Carson River Watershed Vision Statement; and,

3. Be an organization, landowner, community member, or employee of a federal, state, or local entity living or working in the Carson River Watershed.

CWSD will review the list of nominees and present the award at the Jan. 18, 2023, Board of Director’s Meeting.


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