Carson River watershed video offers scoop on dog poop

The Carson River flows south of Genoa Lane. R-C Photo by Tara Addeo

The Carson River flows south of Genoa Lane. R-C Photo by Tara Addeo


The Carson River Watershed’s estimated 16,000 dogs produce about 12,000 pounds of poop every day.

That fecal fact will be the highlight of the first in a series of videos designed to educate watershed residents about the river and what they can do to help preserve it.

Bag It,’ highlights the hazardous effect of pet waste on water quality.

“As we consider ways to better treat ourselves and our environment in the New Year, this PSA encourages us to be responsible stewards of our pets and our watershed by bagging pet waste and properly disposing of it,” said District Watershed Program Manager Brenda Hunt. “Besides being gross to step in, pet waste contains pathogens and bacteria that pollute our rivers, lakes and streams. So be a good neighbor and bag it!”

The video was produced as part of the “I am Carson River Watershed” Campaign.

The district is launching Watershed Moments, a series of messages to help engage and inform Nevadans about steps they can take to foster a healthy watershed throughout 2022.

The district is a multi-county and bi-state agency that promotes cooperative action with communities to conserve natural resources in the Carson River Watershed.

The monthly messages will feature local Nevadans discussing a range of topics and tips for improving the health of the shared watershed.

Over the coming year, the campaign will highlight actions residents can take at home, at work, and while out and about in the community to contribute to healthier watershed and reduce polluted runoff.

Opting for a car wash instead of washing cars at home, absorbing stormwater runoff on residential properties instead of sending it down storm drains, curbing chemical use (fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides), and picking up after pets are all actions district says will lead to improved water quality for the Carson River Watershed.

Monthly promotional prizes will be given away to encourage watershed stewardship. January winners will receive $100 gift cards to pet stores located around the Carson River Watershed. Upcoming prizes will include free car washes, Carson Hot Springs passes, Nevada State Parks annual passes and more. To be eligible to win, participants must watch the PSAs on social media, YouTube or the I Am Carson River Watershed website, then complete the online pledge or add a photo or video of their own personal “watershed moment” in the comments section of the Carson River Watershed Facebook Page. Additionally, participants can comment and tag these “watershed moments” on Instagram using the #mywatershedmoment hashtag. Comments should highlight actions citizens take personally to help maintain a healthy Carson River Watershed.

This campaign is funded by the district and a Clean Water Act grant administered by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection. The Carson River is on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Water Act Section list of impaired waters in Nevada which is the main impetus for the “I am Carson River Watershed” campaign. Nonpoint Source Program works to preserve and enhance state surface waters by employing watershed planning and public outreach.

“The Watershed Moments campaign helps Northern Nevadans learn how even small changes can help protect the Carson River Watershed for future generations to enjoy,” said NPS Branch Manager Birgit Widegren. “These PSAs support our mission by preserving and restoring surface water resources for the benefit of the community and the plants and animals that call this area home.”

To learn more, visit and follow Carson River Watershed on Facebook and/or Instagram. For media inquiries, contact Rachel Gattuso, APR at or (775) 336-9453.


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