Reusable cups part of effort to keep Nevada Day Parade litter free

The parade of folks picking up litter typically follows the Nevada Day Parade. Carson Water Subconservancy photo

The parade of folks picking up litter typically follows the Nevada Day Parade. Carson Water Subconservancy photo

In years past, Nevada Day parades in Carson City have attracted crowds in the thousands, resulting in a significant clean-up after everyone has gone home.

To reduce the litter, the Carson Water Subconservancy District is partnering with greenUP! to provide free reusable Nevada Day Cups through a social media giveaway.

“Litter is a big problem in Nevada and a significant impact to water quality in our watershed”, said Carson River Watershed Program Specialist Shane Fryer. "Whether it’s carelessly tossed litter, or trash bins being knocked over, this pollution can easily be blown or washed into our storm drains and ultimately, to the river.”

The reuseable Klean Kanteen cups are also available through the Nevada Day Store to help reduce waste during the Nevada Day Parade.

“We are always looking for ways to reduce trash and have a cleaner event,” said Nevada Day Executive Director Brooke Santina. “The cups are functional, save people money and are great souvenirs, plus they are better for the environment.”

The effort to reduce litter from the parade is the topic of the subconservancy’s video launched ahead of the Oct. 29 Nevada Day Parade in downtown Carson City. The parade starts at 10 a.m. and closes Carson Street.

“Pitch In,” highlights how trash and recycling habits in Nevada affect the environment and the health of the Carson River Watershed. The video suggests increases in recycling could improve watershed health and encourages viewers to properly dispose of trash and pick up litter to avoid negative impact to our rivers, lakes, and streams.

“Reporting from the American Society of Civil Engineers states Nevadans create twice as much garbage as the average American, and according to Nevada Division of Environmental Protection’s 2021 State Recycling Rate Report,” Fryer said. “Less than 3 percent of aluminum, glass and plastic beverage containers are recycled. Together, those are eye opening stats. By securing your own trash, recycling what is recyclable, and picking up litter when you see it, you can protect our watershed and keep Nevada beautiful.”

To be eligible to win, participants must watch the PSA on social media, YouTube or the I Am Carson River Watershed website, complete the online pledge, and tag a friend. Additionally, participants can direct message and tag us @CarsonRiverWatershed on Facebook and/or Instagram using #MyWatershedMoment and show us the actions you are taking to “Pitch In” in the Carson River Watershed.

“Even small recycling improvements can have a big impact,” said Fryer. “I am Carson River Watershed, and you are, too. Let’s all Pitch In and stop this needless pollution.”

To learn more, visit and follow Carson River Watershed on Facebook and/or Instagram.


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