Students take oath for personal and career goals

Douglas High School’s J4NG Initiation and Installation Ceremony recognized more than 30 students Wednesday.

Douglas High School’s J4NG Initiation and Installation Ceremony recognized more than 30 students Wednesday.
Photo by Sarah Drinkwine.

Whether your first job is a custodian, trash collector or selling encyclopedias door-to-door, your job does not define you, you define the job guest speaker District Judge Tod Young told students at Douglas High School’s Jobs for American Graduations Initiation and Installation ceremony Wednesday.

Young swore in the students as the 2022 class of Jobs for American Graduates and shared his career path with the students, explaining that each position was a steppingstone and tool for him to learn and grow from.

“I didn’t have anything special or any advantage that you don’t already have,” he said. “I didn’t come from wealth; I made my own way and used the tools I learned to get to where I am. Everything you learn in this class is a steppingstone and tool. Take every little bit of it and put it together and use it.”

Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates is a program that helps young people graduate from high school and make successful transitions to postsecondary education or employment. Wednesday’s ceremony recognized more than 30 students for their accomplishments and induction into the program including junior Brylee Vanetten, who is the program career association president and junior class president.

“This is a very big accomplishment for me and a great achievement,” said Vanetten. “It has helped me discover the best version of myself and who I want to be.”

Now in its sixth year at Douglas High School Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates is a state-based national nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing dropouts among young people and helping them to not only graduate, but to achieve high personal and career goals.

The class provides students with greater confidence and capability as they transition from high school to college, the workforce or the military by teaching them life skills such as, how to build a resume, the proper dress attire for an interview, how to speak and conduct themselves with employers and co-workers and in society, and more.

J4NG Specialist and Coach Susan McDonald said the most important people that made this program successful were the family and friends in the audience during the ceremony.

“The students have worked hard to get to where they are, but we wouldn’t be here if not for you; the friends, family and community who have provided guidance, support and care to your students,” she said.

Jobs for American Graduates 2022 Career Association and Class Officers

Career Association President­­ — Brylee Vanetten

Career Association Vice-President — Dylan Paplia

Class president

Senior — Dylan Paplia

Junior — Brylee Vanetten

Sophmore — Stella Rae Bradley

Vice President of Leadership

Senior — Dakota Till

Junior — Emma Mafua

Sophmore — Belle Kliewer

Vice President of Career Development — Mason Budro

Vice President of Social Awareness

Senior — Anna Procaccini

Sophmore — Olivia Paplham

Vice President of Civic Awareness — Rylan Nemanic

Class Historian

Senior — Emily Detwiler

Junior — Mia Vega


Senior — Hanna Smith

Junior — Shasta Lumsden

Sophmore — Adrain Dominguez

Secretary — Cordell Wyn

Bulletin Director — Sam Till

Web Designer — Tristian Kawchack

JAGrrrr Manager — Viviana Mendoza


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