Douglas business entities host governor candidate Joe Lombardo

Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo

Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo

Sheriff Joe Lombardo, Republican candidate for Nevada Governor, visited Carson Valley on Wednesday afternoon. He answered questions from the crowd as he spoke at the joint meeting of the Business Council of Douglas County and the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce Luncheon at the CVIC Hall. 

He spoke alongside Tisha Black, candidate for Nevada Attorney General, and Jesse Haw, candidate for Nevada Secretary of State. 

Lombardo, 59, is an army veteran and serves as Clark County sheriff and is the head of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. 

He worked to win the vote of business members in Carson Valley by sharing what he plans to do if he wins the race for governor. 

A member of the crowd had asked Lombardo who he supports for lieutenant governor, and he responded with not wanting to overcommit himself but to answer the question his top two candidates are Stavros Anthony and John Miller.

Another member had asked Lombardo how he supports rural hospitals’ health care and proposed pulling out federal funds for a provider fee.

“I have said publicly I do not support the governor’s plans in the health space, and what you just proposed; I would help you in that space. I would support you in that space,” said Lombardo. 

One crowd member had asked about the terminology of using the word “fight” in commercials instead of being a politician who will work for it. 

“One of the observations that was presented to me when I first walked in and shook hands is man, I really hate negative campaigns. I really hate it, but also if you don’t answer to it, you accept it,” said Lombardo. 

The luncheon concluded, but Lombardo, Black and Haw all stayed to answer any more questions from the crowd that they may have not answered during the luncheon.


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