Volunteers help Douglas run

Volunteer organizations gather at the community center for a recruiting session.

Volunteer organizations gather at the community center for a recruiting session.
Photo by Sarah Drinkwine.


Many of the organizations, clubs, programs and nonprofits in the Carson Valley rely on volunteers, and at least 30 of those organizations filled the Douglas County Community Center on Tuesday providing information and looking for new recruits.

“There’s so many services, we take advantage of that are run by volunteers, even many of our sheriffs and fire fighters are volunteers and we wouldn’t have many of the services we have and be able to do what we do if it wasn’t for volunteers,” said Leadership 2019 participant Natalie Wood at the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce’s second annual Volunteer Expo.

The Volunteer Expo was created by the 2019 Leadership class as an opportunity for volunteers and organizations to have a convenient location to provide information and hopefully get the help they need from both sides, much like the Job fair and career expo put on by the Chamber.

“Volunteers are the backbone of the community,” said Cooperative Extension Educator Lindsay Chichester, a 2019 Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce leadership participate. “That’s why we thought it was a needed event in the community.

Wood said the Volunteer Expo came together in the same way as the Chamber’s Job Fair and Career Expo did, where businesses and organizations around the community provide information, conduct interviews and potentially hire employees.

“Websites can seem like a lot, so having a one-stop event like this, seemed like a good plan and can really help some organizations and help people who want to volunteer," said Wood.

Wood said it is important to get involved sooner rather than later. She said in many cases of emergencies, volunteers might just be the added help needed in a given situation, but some require some training first.

“During emergencies, like the fire, a lot of people wanted to help, but that kind of thing requires training,” said Wood. “So, get involved now in advance and when there is a need you may be qualified and called to help.”

Many organizations were eager to provide information and recruit volunteers during the event including the Kiwanis of Carson Valley, The Tahoe-Douglas Rotary Club of Minden, FISH, The East Fork Fire Volunteer Fire Department, The Douglas County Sheriff’s Good Neighbor Project, social services and recreational organizations, youth programs and more.

Despite the restrictions and effects of the coronavirus over the past year, many clubs and services reported they weren’t hurting, desperate or lacking support and help. Many were just happy to be available to the community again.

“Whatever the community needs, we help where we can,” said Rotarian Alex Urbine.

The Chamber of Commerce Leadership class is a networking program that helps people get to know their community and to get involved in events, projects and services. The projects give back to the community and provide ways it can benefit from. For more information visit the Carson Valley Commerce website at carsonvalleynv.org

Similar to the Volunteer Expo is the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Job Fair & Career Expo, a one-stop job opportunity for employers and employees. Job seekers can explore options, connect with local employers and staffing agencies and achieve training and career goals, while employers can connect with, share information and recruit skilled and talented employees to fit their needs. The expo will be 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Oct. 28 at the CVIC Hall. To register as an employer exhibit, call 775-782-8144 or email Alicia@carsonvalleynv.org


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