Letters to the Editor for October 21, 2020

Carson City Republicans and Democrats statement on vandalism

The Carson City Republican and the Carson City Democratic Central Committees condemn the recent vandalism and sign thefts occurring in our town recently. Neither of these acts helps or advances the political agendas of either party and in fact hurts the overall political process for selecting our political leaders.

We both truly hope that the vandalism and sign thefts stop. It is a drain on our police and city resources, resources which should be directed toward more important problems in our community. Additionally, both offices have spent large amounts of money installing security systems and camera systems which should not be required in a safe and secure city.

Both parties encourage their members and the public to refrain from acts of violence and hate that does nothing but damage the reputation of the parties involved. We hope that people remember that breaking a window or stealing a sign will not change minds, but peaceful discourse and discussion will.

Paul Strasser

Chairman, Carson City Republican Party

Michael Greedy

Chairman, Carson City Democratic Party

GOP will defend democracy

The column “Defend our Democracy” by Chas Macquarie points out the approaches used by the progressives, the Democrat Party and President Obama to “fundamentally” change the United States. They use censorship, propaganda, repetition of lies, vilification, and destruction of history as well other approaches described.

Just a few of countless examples: The woke culture shouts down opposing views and stops conservative thought on college campuses. Facebook, Twitter, Google and others censor ideas they don’t like. The Democrat Party sends out the lie of the day to be repeated endlessly by all Democrat politicians and most of the press.

Before the election in 2016, fearing that candidate Trump might win, the Democrat Party instructed their legions to label President Trump a racist. Hillary Clinton, Democrat politicians, and the Obama FBI fabricated the Russian collusion hoax wasting $40 million directly and untold millions indirectly, ultimately proving they themselves are the conspirators. The Democrats label the U.S. Constitution a “living document” to be interpreted in any manner they choose.

Riots in the streets are called peaceful demonstrations. Historical monuments are destroyed and national holidays are renamed rewriting history in the manner George Orwell predicted. They tell us the police are pigs and are essentially killing off the black population.

Half the population is labeled people of white privilege and racist. The attacks and distortions of the truth are endless.

Defend democracy and freedom. Vote Republican.

Gary Ratekin


Look outside your comfort zone

What challenges democracy? Some say socialism, but I say we are moving much faster toward authoritarianism.

Chas Macquarie stated well the methods despots use to destroy democracies.
Quoting from the book, “On Tyranny” by Timothy Snyder, Chas challenges us all to pay attention to the most important issues: Or, as Superman says, to "the never-ending battle for truth, justice and the American Way.”
· Truth: This president has systematically suppressed scientific facts about climate change, health care (including COVID), voter suppression and many other topics; he has used the phrase "fake news" so often that many have given up trying to find truth. We cannot keep track of his lies which he repeats even when presented with facts that contradict him. We must choose to trust sources that will fact-check and question conspiracy theories or say "goodbye free press," a cornerstone of democracy.

· Justice: This president has used unidentified troops to take people off the streets for interrogation and has encouraged right wing militants to arm themselves and "stand by.” He has used the Justice Department to further his own goals rather than "justice for all.” His rhetoric suggests he will not abide by our election results if he is not re-elected.

Get your news from many sources, not just the "bubble" that agrees with you. Please look outside your comfort zone, especially if your zone is not preaching equality, inclusivity and justice for all.

As Chas continues, "patriotism" involves serving your country, sometimes in the military, but also by "taking actions that help the nation live up to its ideals and values and asking the best of ourselves."

Midge Breeden

Carson City


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