Letters to the Editor for June 13, 2020

Riots of June 2020

In our Civil War over 400,000 Union white soldiers died freeing the blacks. An all-white Supreme Court ruled for blacks in 1954’s Brown vs. Board of Education ending school segregation. Only two blacks were in Congress when the 1964 Civil Rights Act passed. The white race provided decades of welfare to blacks. Now, contrary to liberal claims, we have totally freed blacks and purged racism among whites; however, vicious black racism flourishes.

After hundreds of thousands of white fatalities supporting black freedom, hundreds of laws approved favoring black economic progress, plus billions spent on black welfare, America gets riots, contempt for American capitalism, the U.S. Constitution, and our flag. Odd that in Hong Kong, as Chinese police smash democracy, Hong Kong’s people fly the U.S. flag. They know our flag means liberty. Here blacks embrace Marx and spew hate across everything American.

Violent people rejecting our Constitution and history must be routed. Our future depends on it.

Alan Dale Daniel


Officers didn’t resign

Dear Ms. Coryell. I recently read your letter regarding the 57 Buffalo police officers who “resigned,” which is not correct. True, the 57 did resign, but from the Tactical Squad, not the department.

It would do us all a favor if people researched the facts before they spread inaccuracies. Remember, you are entitled to your own opinion, not your own facts which you failed to verify.

Terry Callison

Mound House

Kneeling not disrespectful

I feel a letter to Kelly Madigan is warranted but I am torn about responding because I feel the mind is made up and factual dialogue would be discredited as “Leftist Propaganda.”

In the event that there is an opening I will convey some fact.
The U.S. Flag Code, derived from the U.S. Code Title 4 Chapter 1: Specifically addresses the approved conduct of military personnel, active and retired. Continuing, paragraph 9 dictates conduct “during hoisting, lowering or passing of flag.” It does not specify what athletes should do or are prohibited from doing during the national anthem.

In other words kneeling is not considered disrespectful. There is however six specifically listed items that are considered disrespectful. I suggest that Kelly look them up.
I truly believe the message that Kaepernick was trying to demonstrate was one of disproportionate conduct among and between various ethnicities. To paraphrase the Pledge of Allegiance… “with Liberty and Justice for ALL.” The national anthem is a song honoring our nation and our flag. The pledge of allegiance is a promise that you are loyal to the United States. Kelly, there is a difference.
Last question. What did you do with your $1,200 stimulus check? Your words…“Government handout programs are a shame.”

Joel Flamenbaum

Carson City

Rally date, place is a shame

Well it seems our Blasphemer-in-Chief is at it again. Choosing the date and venue of his first rally in months is deliberative and calculatingly cruel. Race baiting at its worst. June 19 in Tulsa. Instead of asking the readers to research it, I'll just lay it out there.

June 19 is known as "Juneteenth," a day commemorating the end of slavery in America. It was the day in 1865 when black slaves in Texas finally learned that they were free. Tulsa was also the site of the 1921 race massacre, where white mobs destroyed the neighborhood of Greenwood, with firebombs dropped from private planes. They murdered some 300 of their black neighbors, injured many more, and left 10,000 people homeless.

Considering what this nation has witnessed in the past few weeks, this time and place, chosen by "the Chosen One" could not be more despicable yet purposely indicative of his motives.

As COVID-19 cases begin to spike again because of the re-opening (in Tulsa as well), Trump will gather as many as he can, showing no regard for human safety, to display to the world his racist, fascist, and divisive ideology.

And I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that the Confederate flag will be in full view, along with booths selling them outside of the arena. This really will be a Trump spectacle of denigrating the rule of law, ignoring the majority of Americans looking for leadership, and truly bowing to his base of White Christians, Second Amendment wingnuts, bigots and homophobes.

Rick Van Alfen

Carson City


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