Letters to the Editor for August 19, 2020

Virus, not governor, is the enemy

I feel so awful for what our world is going through with the coronavirus. This is the worst, unprecedented, global health crisis that we have ever faced. We don’t know when or if it will ever be fully eradicated.

However, please don’t be so quick to judge Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak. Yes, I understand how very frustrated Nevadans are right now. They want him out of office because he imposed some unpopular restrictions that we simply don’t agree with. People want to completely reopen Nevada, even at the risk of being way too soon.

I don’t personally know the governor. I have never got to directly hear his side of the story about why he chose to shut down our schools, casinos, bars or restaurants. Nor do I understand his reasoning for having two special legislative sessions. However, I do not think that he is a bad or mean-spirited bully at all.

So, for the record, please keep in mind that our governor has some greatness inside of his heart. We all need to give him the benefit of the doubt, not cast him as the enemy.

Joshua Dealy

Carson City

Lack of compassion

In response to the letter of Aug. 8 by Ron Landmann. How nice for you to have the physical capacity to stand in lines at Home Depot, Trader Joe’s, Costco, Harbor Freight and the DMV. Not all folks are so fortunate. There are many reasons they are unable to do so. You are not privy to judge their needs.

Thankfully, our Legislature and our governor did work for the people of Nevada to provide them a way to cast their vote that otherwise would have been denied them.

Patriotic citizens recognize that all registered voters have the right to cast their ballot. It is unfathomable why any persons, such as yourself, would wish to obstruct, circumvent or otherwise try to prevent anyone from that right.

Congratulations that you are able to stand in those lines or at a polling place.

Congratulations that you are not a caregiver of an immune compromised person that you are trying to protect.

Congratulations that you yourself are not susceptible to catching the COVID-19 virus.

Congratulations that you are not one of the 161,000 persons that have died because someone shared the virus to them while being close to them standing in a line somewhere.

Shame on you for your self-centered lack of compassion.

M.J. Newman

Carson City

Defunding will cause more issues

Defunding police will not solve problems; it will cause more problems. Having fewer police will create more crime and more reckless drivers.

Instead, police methods should be reviewed and changed to help eliminate the injuries and deaths that have occurred. The No Knock Warrant, allowing officers to break down a door and rush in with drawn guns, creates a volatile situation and should be voided in all states.

Restraining anyone, regardless of size without using force or chemicals, is very hard. A solution would be to restrain them with a rope or strap then wait until they agree to being arrested without a struggle.

It might take, awhile for them to calm down, but it would stop the killings and should appease the protesters.

If the person being restrained won’t stop resisting, call an ambulance and strap them in a gurney for transportation to a police station.

Walt Ratchford

Carson City

Fulfill our pledge

In response to Ms. Madigan’s letter of Aug. 1, titled “Survival of the fittest,” it appears she lacks a complete grasp of biology or history. All ecosystems if highly unbalanced collapse creating a wasteland. Martin Luther King noted, “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Thankfully, slavery, bondage, peonage, serfdom, and indentured servitude are against the law. Today we continue to seek an end to human trafficking for labor and sex. May Madigan share my gratitude for the right to vote granted to U.S. women just 100 years ago.

The Greek philosopher Seneca noted, “A kingdom founded on injustice never lasts.” And Gandhi understood that the “Earth provides enough for every man’s needs. But not for every man’s greed.” I hope we as citizens will rise “to the job of every generation of Americans to further expand and fulfill the dream of freedom and justice for all,” as proposed by Marianne Williamson, a recent candidate for the U.S. presidency.

Lastly for people of color to “ensure better opportunities” as described by Madigan, Rev. Al Sharpton eulogized George Floyd saying “get your knee off our necks.” May we strive to fulfill our pledge to our republic “with liberty and justice for all.”

Colleen Lyons

Carson City

Dems sticking to the playbook

A recent Op Ed castigating Fred LaSor's column had some interesting taunts right out of the Democratic playbook. They must issue scripts to their members.

To wit: "any Democrat is a radical "supporting lawlessness, destruction, and dirty streets."

I didn't read LaSor's column but I seriously doubt he said "ANY Democrat" in that sense.

Normally we talk about the Democrat government and not the people or more specifically to a person if referring to non-government officials. Anyway, the Op Ed seems to ignore recent beatings in the streets, molotov cocktails, rocks, assaulting officers of the law, etc., where the Democrat mayors/governors did nothing to stop it (e.g. "supporting lawlessness") or destroyed businesses and automobiles (e.g. supporting destruction") or excrement lining the streets and BTW inside stores of San Francisco (e.g. "dirty streets") ... all Democratically run locations.

Also, the Op Ed got it backward by keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House we kept out an "ignorant, lying, sycophant and would be dictator" where she belongs; in the background and out of sight!

Also, the letter says Trump uses incoherent babble... perfect description of your Democratic candidate, you know, the one hiding in the basement who doesn't know what state he is in or what office he is running for. Yee Gads, I could go on and on with this one!

Last but not least, you castigators throw out tons of accusations but never back them up... probably because you can't. We are just supposed to take your word for it. Sure!

Bob Hellen, Sr.

Carson City

Postal Workers deserve support

Let's begin with a huge shout out to the men and women of the U.S. Postal Service, here in Carson City, and throughout our nation. Dedication, perseverance, efficiency. You know the motto, "rain, sleet, snow, heat, etc." And now I respectfully welcome them all to the club. The club created by the Commander-in-Chaos, the maniacal miscreant who has disparaged and denigrated so many Americans, that his hate bucket is overflowing. The Democrats, the media, Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, women of all color, and now the postal workers of this country. Welcome aboard.

Donald and his Dolts fully realize that Republicans use mail-in-voting at a far greater percentage than Democrats (yes, even he and his corrupt kids use it). But as I have written several times, the Republicans cannot win a fair fight (election). They don't have the numbers. So, for decades they resort to cheating, right out in the open. Routine voter suppression, removal from voter rolls, reduction of polling places from 150 to 5. And now, promoting the entire false narrative that mail-in-voting cannot be trusted, especially in Democratic run states.

Hmmm... obviously the cheating Republican Party trust their own to obey the law. This is completely ludicrous. And only enforces what the intelligent electorate already knows. Trump and his minions will do anything and everything to cast doubt on the legitimacy of him being booted out of office.

And let me leave with this. Your name-caller-in-chief has referred to Hillary Clinton as a "Nasty Woman." Said the same about Elizabeth Warren, a "Nasty Woman." And couldn't wait to belittle Kamala Harris as a "Nasty Woman." On the flip side, awaiting trial, incarcerated and indicted child sex offender, procurer of female minors for the late slime ball Jeffery Epstein, Madam Ghisele Maxwell, a one Donald J. Trump said "I wish her well."

It really is time for some deep soul searching out there.

Rick Van Alfen

Carson City

Destruction of Post Office is wrong

The Post Office is under attack from the inside making it less efficient and slower. Obviously, Trump doesn’t want mail-in ballots, so he is blatantly taking steps to make mail-in more impossible. They forget that U.S. citizens have a right to safely vote.

Intimidation tactics to discourage voters is not new. However, to destroy a constitutionally sanctioned function like the Post Office for intimidation purposes is a new low, and more destructive than just interrupting the vote.

Our families and friends need the Post Office for personal and business needs, with prescription drugs being just one example. This is the time to tell our representatives that destruction of the Post Office is wrong.

Then on Nov. 3 vote to support people’s rights, not voter suppression.

Lynne Ballatore



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