Letters to the Editor for April 15, 2020

Carson City is the place to make a name for yourself

From farming and construction to police and politics, Carson City’s infrastructure contains the possibility for any giddy youngster to become a triumphant pillar of the community.

Growing up in the capital of the Silver State, I’ve found that involving myself in the community and shaking hands with the influential crowd, reaped only good benefits for youthful me.

Whether gaining a positive reputation, resume building, or just kind altruism, there is no volunteer or culture enthusiast shortage here. The Brewery Arts Center, Community Center, Railroad Museum, and so much more to find purpose in.

The relatively small population coupled with the quick spread of gossip makes Carson City a faultless place for your average Joe to gain some recognition. The quantity of small businesses means all the more ease to move up the promotional ladder. Any dishwasher who’s determined enough can become restaurant manager in no time. Being the prime of gambling, Carson City is the place for you to double your money in a matter of minutes after slipping your pocket change into the slots. That’s the magic of Nevada, betting on yourself.

I am proud to call Carson City my hometown; I plan to someday run for the mayor’s office in fact. I can’t think of another place where someone with nothing but a goal in mind and a sprinkle of hope in their heart can take the world by storm, one opportunity at a time.

Benjamin Miller

Carson City

NEPA policy change bad for environment

On Jan. 9, the National Environmental Policy Act was updated for the first time since 1978.

The changes will speed up the review process for infrastructure projects by no longer considering the long-term environmental health effects of the project.

This choice will ignore long-term human exposure to air pollution and contaminants. Especially in today's world where we are all feeling the effects of COVID-19, understanding how air pollution is linked to our health is so vital.

Harvard released a study linking a one-unit increase in particulate matter pollution to a 15% increased likelihood of death by COVID-19. A reduction in air pollution in New York could have saved over 200 lives and would reduce the vulnerability of African-American communities.

The time is now for President Trump to act to reduce contaminants and pollutants in our neighborhoods; to keep ourselves, our elderly and our children safer from the damaging effects of pollutants on our health. So why is it that now your administration is reducing NEPA oversight and lowering regulation on automobile tailpipes? We have a unique opportunity to make green and healthy solutions part of the United States’ economic rebound. I urge the president to support the American people in making a shift toward clean air and better health.

Kathryn Matuska

Carson City

Letter about voter suppression mostly hyperbole

Well, our favorite liberal is at it again. Now he wants to be in charge of not only the way elections are conducted in Nevada but to expand his influence to include Wisconsin. He goes on and on about how those wicked Republicans wouldn’t let Democrats extend the legal deadline for casting absentee ballots. A deadline that was confirmed as legal by both the Wisconsin and United States supreme courts. This extension had nothing to do with the COVID-19 virus since the governor made no issue about that until the day before the election.

What our favorite liberal didn't bother to include, imagine that, was the real reason the Democrat governor changed his mind about extending the deadline was that more Republicans were turning in absentee ballots than Democrats. So our favorite liberal returns to the old tried and true claim of voter suppression … As usual he only provides partial truth but mostly hyperbole.

David Knighton

Carson City

Golf courses should be open

So, Gov. Steve Sisolak took the easy way out — what's new? Golf is the one thing we should still be able to do while using individual carts. A couple of troublemakers send pictures to Sisolak of two golfers riding together and Sisolak shuts down the golf courses.

We used to deal with the less than 1% of the rule breakers. No more: He punishes the over 99% of the people obeying his rules.

Free America is a thing of the past — all due to politicians. I wouldn't vote for this guy to pick up my garbage.

Tom Cashen


‘The Poem Painter’
No matter what the shadows seem to hold,
beyond are the days,
that we will rise above again,
taking with us loving lessons,
from the painful places,
where we've been

Tho sometimes our faith may feel defeat,
we will rise above again,
taking with us loving lessons,
from the heartfelt,
places where we've been…

J. Paul Horgan

Virginia City


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