Tom Riggins: Make your vote count

You should have received your ballot by now. If you haven’t, there may be a problem with the address shown on your voter registration not matching your current address. If that isn’t the case, then your ballot delivery may have gone astray. You need to follow up with the County Clerk’s office.

There is great concern about the security of mail-in ballots. There is daily, at least until it is censored, at least one instance of ballots being found as part of discarded mail, ballots in the trash, people not receiving ballots even though they received a sample ballot, and other inconsistencies.

The media and leftists downplay this risk at every turn. Yet I see a huge risk. The Democrat National Party regularly comes out with statements that Trump will not peacefully surrender the office. They are also telegraphing their intentions to cheat when they say Trump will appear to win on election night but won’t when all the votes are counted. In many states, there is now no limit on when a ballot is submitted or even postmarked. Some will accept mailed ballots without postmarks. Democrats have also managed to keep Green Party candidates, who they see as competition, off of ballots in several states through technicalities.

You hear daily about polls that show Biden ahead by some number of points. This is manipulated to mess with your mind and discourage you from voting. The same thing happened in 2016. I attended the Trump, Jr. rally here in Fallon last Wednesday. There were over 500 people there. The Trump rally in Minden garnered 29,000 attendees, with another 10,000 lining the roads to the rally. The Harris/Biden (excuse me, Biden/Harris) campaign held a rally at Heard Museum in Phoenix. No one attended except media in the supposed swing state of Arizona. It is telling that Trump’s children can draw larger crowds than the Democrat ticket. It defies logic that Biden can be ahead in polls when there is absolutely no enthusiasm outside of the media for him.

This was before the recent New York Post revelation that Biden was actively involved in his son Hunter’s activities in Russia, China, and Ukraine, despite his earlier denials. It is now known that he committed malfeasance, extortion, and blackmail in these places in return for the U.S. sending taxpayer dollars to them. And, with no surprise, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other media outlets are actively suppressing the story.

The left has also threatened to riot if Trump is elected. Oddly, they have also indicated they will riot if he is not, as there will be no consequence. All of this points to a set up where they plan to count and recount and count again until they can find enough ballots to overturn an election. The veiled threats of riots, the insinuation that Trump will not leave the White House if he loses, and badly misrepresented polls all are signs they intend to rig the election.

The media insists the election will be honest. Here are some facts to counter that. James O’Keefe is high on the Democrat public enemy list because of his undercover Project Veritas videos unmasking illegal activity in liberal bastions. His latest release exposes the utterly corrupt voting activities of the Ilhan Omar campaign in Minneapolis. The videos expose buying ballots, harvesting ballots from uneducated mainly immigrant citizens, blackmailing some of the less compliant of those, and voter intimidation. The statement was made that lots of money results in lots of votes. Despite attempts to discredit O’Keefe’s findings, another Democrat candidate Saciido Shaie, an immigrant from Somalia, stated that the election corruption was worse than in Somalia.

There is also an Aug. 29 article in the New York Post where a long-time Democrat operative disclosed that he had cheated in the election process in New Jersey and New York for decades. Not only that, he explained how he did it and that he could change close election results with 500 votes. You can Google this, if they haven’t yet suppressed it.

Your vote is absolutely necessary in this election. Democrats are full out to upset Trump. You have no excuse, you can now mail it in. Use that as a last resort. You have the options of hand delivering it to a trusted drop box or voting in person. Whatever your choice, protect your ballot. Don’t let there should not be extra ballots out there. But vote. Your country hangs in the balance.


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