Tom Riggins: Some random thoughts

There has been a lot happen over the last few days. Things are happening and changing so fast it is hard to keep up. Of course, the big October surprise news is that the Trumps tested positive for coronavirus. The media is having a field day over this. President Trump’s case is reportedly mildly symptomatic. Respected medical professionals give the First Lady’s recovery chances at 99.9 percent and his at 99 percent. I hope and pray he will recover quickly and also that Biden doesn’t get it.

On the coronavirus issue, the Washington Post was forced to admit that school openings have not caused widespread outbreaks. Also, there has been only one death from the Sturgis motorcycle rally where 450,000 bikers attended. That, along with several European studies on efficacy and transmissibility of the virus shows a different picture of the situation than the media reports.

Last week’s presidential debate evolved into a Democrat and moderator debating the Republican. Biden started the interrupting, but Trump took it too far, especially when Biden began to lose his train of thought a few times. Had he let Biden go on, assuming Chris Wallace didn’t step in to bail him out, I think Biden would have melted down. I think Trump decided he was not going to tolerate Biden’s ongoing lies and misrepresentations. Biden really didn’t say much but that he has a plan. He just didn’t tell us the plan, probably because if he did he would show his true colors as a big government quasi-socialist. All in all, not a mind-changer for nearly all who watched.

One of the recurring themes the left is that Trump won’t denounce the “white supremacist” group the Proud Boys. Please explain to me, media, how a white supremacist group would tolerate a national leader, Enrique Tarrio, who is a Black Cuban.

Mail in ballots has become a hot button issue. There are those who say there is no problem, mailed ballots have been used for years with no problem. I call these people ballot-deniers. I suggest they view the latest Project Veritas videos. They went undercover in Minneapolis for the campaign for Ilhan Omar. The videos show the campaign collecting and taking ballots away from the elderly, paying for blank ballots, paying for votes, and bringing people in from out of state using temporary addresses to vote, among other violations. I also reference an Aug. 29, 2020 article from the New York Post where a political insider explains voter fraud. This person said voter fraud is not a myth as he has been doing it for decades, then explains how it is done. He also said mail in ballots make the fraud much easier to perpetrate. Explain that, ballot deniers.

Trump’s Supreme Court nominee is another hotly debated issue. Democrats claim Trump has no right to nominate a justice this close to the election. 29 times since our founding a sitting President in the last year of his term has nominated a Supreme Court Justice. 19 of those times the justice was confirmed, always with the same party controlling the White House and the Senate. Of the remaining ten, nine were not confirmed when the White House and Senate were controlled by opposing parties. In one case, back when Democrats had ethics and morality, the same party was in control but did not confirm due to fears of cronyism.

As far as the actual nominee, Ms. Barrett appears to have a pristine judicial and personal record. If Democrats try a character assassination of her similar to that of Kavanagh they lose any claim they might have for women’s rights. They don’t like her because she is religious and because she follows the law and the Constitution. I hope Lindsey Graham conducts her Senate hearings like Schiff and Nadler conducted the impeachment hearings. Fair is fair, right? Besides, a hearing is not even required.

Finally, be prepared for what happens after the election. Democrats have promised riots if Trump wins, and left wingers have promised riots if Biden wins, since Biden condones their actions. So, possibly riots either way. I have heard this from too many different sources who should know. I believe the left wants a reaction from the rest of the country. Let’s not give it to them. Stay calm, stay civil, and don’t engage except for self-protection. Also expect a massive exodus from metropolitan areas to rural and suburban communities. I urge you to make some basic preparations, just in case.


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