Letters to the Editor for January 4, 2020

Carson leaders should reconsider Adele’s historic significance

Another pump for gas certainly doesn’t add to the beauty of our capital city. But the Adele’s building does. It’s a head-turner. It almost beckons to a driver to turn and explore the rest of our wonderful history, at least what’s left of it. The historic commission is trying to raise funds to move it. But move it where? Without its prominent place on Main Street, where would a person go to soak in its unique architecture of Mansart roof, dormer windows and Victorian style? Is there even another building in Carson City that comes close to the unparalleled style and beauty of Adele’s?

Another gas pump doesn’t speak to the needs of our community, but Adele’s does. It’s replete with stories and memories of the past and present. I have friends who travel around the world sampling many, many different cultures and eating places. They’ve always said that Adele’s is unsurpassed for food, beauty and atmosphere. How can our city leaders be so immune to all of this? They want this beautiful piece of history to be destroyed in favor of another gas pump? It makes one wonder who exactly do they represent?

Nannete Moffett

Carson City

Extending more consideration would help younger workers, community

Today about 10:50 a.m., as I left the parking lot of the MAC on Russell Way, I noticed a young woman running toward the bus stop across the street. When I looked to my right, I saw the counter clockwise route 2 JAC bus approaching the bus stop. It was obvious that this young woman was trying to catch this bus. The driver could not have missed seeing her, but rather than stop and wait a few seconds for her, he drove right past her and turned under the freeway overpass. I watched as her shoulders lowered in dejection.

It was clear that the bus could have stopped for her, but the driver chose not to. This appeared to me to be a deliberate act of meanness toward a fellow human being.

I stopped and offered her a ride, and it turned out that she was going to work at a restaurant on College Parkway. I drove her there, and she thanked me profusely. If she had not been offered a ride, she would have had to walk from Russell Way all the way to College Parkway and then some, no doubt arriving late for work and possibly being penalized or even fired.

The bus system is intended to be a service to Carson City residents. The drivers should know that they are to serve others, not to show who’s boss. If it is bus system policy not to wait for someone obviously hurrying to the bus stop, then shame! A public service should not be in the business of making life difficult for others. What has happened to human kindness and consideration?

Perhaps this young woman and others make a habit of being late for the bus and expecting special consideration. If so, is there not another more reasonable way to handle such a situation?

Please count me on the side of young people struggling to make a living, hoping for some care and assistance from other people and from public services. We are here to help each other, not to prove who wields more power than whom. Employees of public entities should be aware of our society as a whole. I hope that this incident is not representative of our community.

Anne Zawodniak

Carson City


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