Letters to the editor for Friday, May 6, 2016

Commerce tax will stifle growth

If the commerce tax is truly based on revenue only, without consideration of the profitability or lack thereof of the entity, it is truly an abomination.

To tax a business operation at or below “break-even” that may have a chance for future growth and is providing Nevada jobs does not seem like a method to promote growth and attract new business and industry to our state. Several of the highest rate paying industry categories are used by the majority of Nevada citizens (educational services, waste management, food and drink, healthcare, entertainment and recreation).

Seems that the lowest rate is paid by perhaps the oldest industry in Nevada, mining, along with oil and gas extraction. Just a coincidence?

Chuck Byrne

Carson City

WNC baseball, softball teams thrown under bus

Beautiful day, just a few clouds. One of the best teams, both athletically and scholastically. And an uncaring administration and Board of Regents won’t support the team, its coaches, supporters and fans.

The baseball and softball teams at WNC have been thrown under the bus. Then, to add insult to injury, WNC is now “recruiting” a new soccer team from all over the world. So what are their incentives? The climate, the scenery, cute girls? I smell a great, big, greasy, duplicitous rat. Call a spade a spade, folks. We’ve been screwed!

May our coaches and players go on to successful careers, and may the rest of us enjoy planting onions and garlic on the empty field turf of John. L. Harvey Field.

Maizie Harris Jesse

Carson City


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