Letters to the Editor for January 18, 2020

A way to stop cars from passing buses

School bus drivers have been complaining about drivers who speed past school buses when they have their stop signs out. To control this cameras should become put on the front office the bus to photograph the offenders and get their license number.

Walt Ratchford

Carson City

Carson Tahoe staff was outstanding

Commendations to all staff working at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center between last Saturday morning and Sunday. They worked well as a team. Due to my difficult diagnosis, I experienced all departments. Those in less glamorous positions remained pleasant day and night. I had an MRI, ultrasounds and X-rays, blood and sample analyses.

From those who answer your “buzzer” when you need to be accompanied to the restroom, to the folks that keep the rooms clean all deserve thanks. The medical people were efficient and professional. The EMT’s arrived at my house 10 minutes after our 911 call and I was in the ER 10 minutes after I was loaded on the gurney at my house. It is very reassuring to have a quality community hospital.

D. Hilderbrand

Carson City


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