The Dec. 16, 2020, R-C Morning Report

Tuesday saw another beautiful sunrise this time from Topaz Ranch Estates.

Tuesday saw another beautiful sunrise this time from Topaz Ranch Estates.

Genoa, Nev. — A $4.5 million agreement with NV Energy that will allow East Fork Fire Protection District to hire up to 10 wildland firefighters, a Type 5 engine, a water tender and a chipper rig was approved by the fire board of trustees on Tuesday.

Sisters Jennifer and Neva Baker were in Carson Valley on Tuesday picking up donations for the families left homeless by the Mountain View Fire in Walker. You can contact them Mountain View Fire Donations Facebook page. They’re between spaces right now, but hope to be in the Antelope Valley Community Center soon.

The Douglas County Library Board of Trustees found that Librarian Amy Dodson met expectations at their meeting on Tuesday. Board members also accepted the report that no policies or laws were violated when Dodson posted a diversity statement to the Library’s social media sites.

It was a relatively quiet night on the coronavirus front for Douglas County at least, with seven new cases and five recoveries. Douglas is at 932 active cases and 677 recoveries as of Tuesday night.

I suspect that coronavirus recovery column should have more people in it. Carson City Health and Humans Services is listing 223 people of unknown age and 210 of unknown gender on the graphs, which likely include positive tests for Douglas residents from outside the county. If we don’t know their age or gender, chances are we also don’t know whether they got better, but that's just me interpreting data.

There's a thick fog bank on the west side of the Valley that likely extends along the river. Take it easy on the roads because in addition to being hard to see through, it likes to leave an icy layer on the blacktop.

Is it going to be sunny out today? Heck, I don’t know. We got a little sun on Tuesday and then it rained a little. The forecast is for partly sunny skies and a high temperature of 50 degrees. Rain and snow is possible tonight, so maybe get some wood under cover before the storm hits.

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