The Popcorn Stand: Sir Tuffington something or other won't work in China

It’s a good thing I don’t live in China. Those of you who choose to read this Popcorn Stand know I use any excuse I can to mention my two dogs Pete the Shih Tzu and Tuf Tuf (you know Sir Tuffington something or other) the Jack Russell. Tuf Tuf is a pure bred Jack Russell but I’ve never been able to remember his full official pure bred name. It’s written on a card somewhere and all I know is it’s Sir Tuffington something or other. I don’t know if not remembering a dog’s name is a crime in China but I don’t want to take any chances after reading this story. A dog breeder named Ban was approached by police in Japan after posting on social media he had two dogs named Chengguan and Xieguan. Those names just happen to be titles given to law enforcement who deal with petty crimes and traffic issues. Law enforcement who deal with petty crimes in China and dealt with Ban’s so-called petty crime seem to me to be, well, petty. Ban spent 10 days in a detention center for his transgression. His crime. He hurt the police’s feelings as its statement said “caused great harm to the nation and the city’s urban management — in terms of their feelings.” So if Ban gets 10 days in detention for naming his dogs in a way that hurts the police’s feelings I can only imagine how much time I would get for not remembering Tuf Tuf’s real name. Luckily, at least I think, Pete wouldn’t get me in trouble. His name is easy to remember and I don’t think the name Pete offends anyone in China. Just in case I’m going to try to find that card with Tuf Tuf’s real name on it. — Charles Whisnand


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