The Popcorn Stand: Great time for love, love of dogs

This time of the year is a pretty cool time of the year, right up there with HallowThanksMas, although it doesn’t last nearly as long. For whatever reason it didn’t seem the Valentine’s Day season was as long this year, or at least I didn’t notice all the Valentine’s Day stuff in the stores right after New Year’s Day as in the past.

And evidently, unlike last year, McDonald’s has held off on selling its Shamrock Shakes until after Valentine’s Day, or at least I’m unaware of any Shamrock Shakes being sold right now.

Today is indeed Valentine’s Day, and yes I’m happily in love so this day has obviously meant a lot more to me the last couple of years than it has in the past. But when Valentine’s Day comes it also reminds me it’s that time of year for the Westminster Dog Show, which concluded on Valentine’s Day Eve on Tuesday night. And of course there’s nothing like a Valentine’s Day gift as a puppy.

When the Westminster Dog Show comes around it always reminds me Tuf-Tuf, my Jack Russell, is a pure bred. So Tuf-Tuf has one of those fancy names which I can never remember so that’s why I call him Sir Tuffington something or other.

Tuf-Tuf doesn’t seem to be too interested in the Westminster Dog Show. At least I don’t believe he’s walking around thinking, “I could’ve been a contender, I could’ve been somebody.”

My other dog, Pete, the Shih Tzu, is as far as I know just a regular dog with no special pedigree, but he’s a champion to me.

Also coming up is the 2018 American Rescue Dog Show to be aired on the Hallmark Channel on Monday night and I obviously think that’s really cool.

So here’s to love. Love of dogs. Both make life really special.

— Charles Whisnand


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