The Popcorn Stand: Celebrating Tuf Tuf the purebread — and Pete

I couldn’t pass this one up. There are a lot of holidays celebrated on May 1 but this one obviously caught my eye. Today is National Purebred Dog Day.

A little more than four years ago my parents and I adopted a purebred dog, Tuf Tuf, a spunky Jack Russell. Those of you who choose to read this Popcorn Stand know I refer to Tuf Tuf as Sir Tuffington something or other because that’s all I can remember of his official pedigree name. I know it’s written on a card somewhere.

I affectionately refer to Tuf Tuf as the most annoying lovable dog I’ve ever had. The guy can get on your nerves one moment and then you just absolutely love him the next.

Pete, our Shih Tzu, on the other hand, is a more reserved dog who I also obviously absolutely love. While Tuf Tuf is older, Pete is actually the more mature one who’s a lot more like an old fuddy duddy like his older brother (me).

Pete sort of tolerates Tuf Tuf, although deep down inside I think Pete loves Tuf Tuf as much as I do. (Or at least that’s what I would like to think). And Pete likes to tease Tuf Tuf much like an older brother teases a younger brother.

It didn’t take long for Tuf Tuf and me to warm up to each other. Tuf Tuf will turn 14 in November and as a Jack Russell he’s still in great shape and quite active for his age. But at 14 he doesn’t bounce off the walls either.

I always say to myself if I could combine Pete and Tuf Tuf I would have the perfect dog, but then again what would the fun be in that?

Tuf Tuf and Pete are perfect just the way they are.

­­— Charles Whisnand


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