The Popcorn Stand: Guess what day it is?

Hey, guess what day it is...Guess what day it is? As I’m writing this Popcorn Stand, it’s a Wednesday, so of course I have to write about the latest tale of a touring camel. This time, Jeffrey the Arabian camel was taken on a field trip. The camel which lives in a Michigan petting zoo was taken by his owner, Scott Lewis, to a local PetSmart. As Jeffrey was led around the store, he looked like a kid in a candy store. Or is it a camel in a pet store. Anyway, he looked as happy as, you know, that camel on the GEICO commercial who’s so happy because it’s Wednesday. HUMP DAAAAY! Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo posted a video to Facebook showing the camel touring the PetSmart store in Muskegon. You can watch the video here: But that wasn’t all. Jeffrey actually got the chance to tour the whole town of Muskegon. Lewis came to town to weigh Jeffrey and it turns out Jeffrey ways 1,400 pounds. Jeffrey also stopped at a gas station, the hardware store and the post office, you know, the usual errands for a camel. I’m sure Jeffrey needed a hammer and some stamps although he wasn’t driving, so I don’t know why he needed to stop at the gas station. “He’s just a great little boy,” said Lewis, who’s apparently in denial about Jeffrey weighing 1,400 pounds. “He just makes you feel better when you’re around him.” Here’s to Hump Day. — Charles Whisnand


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